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Iggy Pop Harry Lime
Song & Music Book Hal Leonard
246 Success Facts - Everything you need to know about David Bowie (2014) Biography Bonnie Kinney
40 Greatest Song of David Bowie (2016) Song & Music Book Music Express
Biography Davanna Cimino
Biography, unofficial biography Sean Egan & Ian Shirley
Biography, Photo book Chris Welch
Biography, greatest hits, Magazine, Photo book, stories
Biography, Carlos Alomar, Cyndi Lauper, Earl Slick, Mike Garson, Nile Rodgers, Robyn Hitchcock Brian Hiatt
Biography, Family, stories Wim Hendrikse
Ken Scott Bobby Owsinski
Long Beach 1973, Photo book Andy Barding & Martyna Hammond
Discography, studio albums Benoît Clerc
Biography Roy Carr; Charles Shaar Murray
Biography, philosophically Theodore G Ammon
piano Songbooks, Song & Music Book, Vocal & Guitar Songbooks David Bowie
Biography, The London Years Kelvin Cann
Discography Chris O'Leary
Backstage Passes Life on the Wild Side with David Bowie (2000) Biography Angela Bowie & Patrick Carr
2003, live satellite broadcast Marc John
Backstage, Photo book, The Thin White Duke Andrew Kent
Vocal & Guitar Songbooks Created by David Bowie
Biography, Dutch Wim Hendrikse
Biography Barry Miles & Chris Charlesworth
His last works Dr. Leah Kardos
Photo book O'Neill Terry
Berlin, Low, Heroes en Lodger Thomas Jerome Seabrook
1970, Biography, The London Years Simon Goddard
1971, Biography, The London Years Simon Goddard
1972, Biography, The London Years Simon Goddard
Interview, Memories Sean Egan
Interview, Memories Sean Egan
David Bowie ,Bowiestyle (2010) Biography, Photo book Mark Paytress
Photo book, The London Years Gerald Fearnley
John Cambridge, Memories, stories, The Hype, The London Years John Cambridge
Biography Marc Spitz
Biography Marc Spitz
Ziggy Stardust Story Michael Allred
Biography Pat Gilbert
Bowie's Books John O'Connell
Biography, Mike Garson Author Clifford Slacker
Photo book Masayoshi Sukita and Vittoria Mainoldi
Biography, Photo book Chris Welch
Biography, Photo book Chris Welch
actor - playwright, Bootlegs, Discography Stuart Hoggard
Coloring book Tony Millionaire
David Bowie Compleet - het verhaal achter 456 songs Dutch Benoît Clerc
Concert information Kevin Howard Salt
Biography, Discography, Psycholigist Eoin Devereux, Aileen Dillane & Martin Power
Synthpop David Laurie
Photo book K. Cann Chris Duffy
Biography, Dutch Wim Hendrikse
Biography, stories Toija Cinque ,Christopher Moore and Sean Redmond
Biography, Photo book, unofficial biography Sean Egan
Biography, Family, Photo book, stories
Biography Ian Chapman
Biography, Fans, stories Nick Stevenson
Biography Shelton Waldrop
Concert information Per Nilson
Biography, Bootlegs, Discography Dave Thompson
Berlin, Biography, German, Low, Heroes en Lodger Tobias Rüther
Biography Lesley-Ann Jones
Berlin, Biography, Photo book Tobias Reuther
stories Harmonie, Uitgeverij de
Biography, Information all, Magazine, Photo book Allison Adato
Photo book Images Iconic
Album 1. Outside, Biography Nicholas P. Greco
Biography Miles
Opera David Bowie and Enda Walsh
Biography, Concert information, Photo book, stories Sean Mayes
Concert information, Dutch, Photo book Sean Mayes
Colleagues, Elton John, Freddie Mercury Norman J. Sheffield
Vocal & Guitar Songbooks David Bowie
David Bowie Live 1958-1986 (2016) Concert information Wim Hendrikse
David Bowie Live 1987-2007 (2016) Concert information Wim Hendrikse
Heathen Tour, New York Myriam Santos-Kayd
Biography Robert Dimery
David Bowie Living on the Brink (1997) Biography George Tremlett
Aladdin Sane mural, Brixton Daniel Francis
Biography Hugo Wilcken
LGBT musicians Darryl W. Bullock
Biography, Concert information Dave Thompson
Biography, Memories, Photo book, stories Dale K. Perry
Concert information Wim Hendrikse
Bowie Never Get Old part 2 Man of Ch-ch-changes (2004) Concert information Wim Hendrikse
Biography Wim Hendrikse
Biography Wim Hendrikse
Biography, Magazine Rob Sheffield
1987 - 1997, Concert information, Photo book Bernard Rübsamen
David Bowie op Klompen Dutch Antoine Loogman
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