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David Bowie Critical Perspectives

 Author: Eoin Devereux, Aileen Dillane & Martin Power  Category: actor - playwright, Biography, Psycholigist  Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd  Published: March 27, 2015  ISBN-13: 9780415745727  Pages: 324  Language: English  Dimension: 22,9 x 15.2 x 2.1 cm

Critical Perspectives examines in detail the many layers of one of the most intriguing and influential icons in popular culture. This interdisciplinary book brings together established and emerging scholars from a wide variety of backgrounds, including musicology, sociology, art history, literary theory, philosophy, politics, film studies and media studies.

Bowie’s complexity as a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, actor and artist demands that any critical engagement with his overall work must be interdisciplinary and wide-ranging in its scope.

The chapters are organised around the key themes of ‘textualities’, ‘psychologies’, ‘orientalisms’, ‘art and agency’ and ‘performing and influencing’ in Bowie’s work. This comprehensive book contributes a great deal to the study of popular music, performance, gender, religion, popular media and celebrity.

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