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David Bowie A Star Fell To Eart

 Author: Wim Hendrikse  Category: Biography, Family, stories  Publisher: Aspekt B.V.  Published: January 11, 2016  ISBN-13: 9789461538710  Pages: 456  Country: Netherland  Language: Dutch  Dimension: 24,0 x 17,0 x 2,0 cm - 837 grams

This book takes you deep into David Bowie’s world. An honest and fascinating portrait of a very complex personality. In the seventies Bowie was the King of Glitter Rock, the trendsetter. He is a songwriter, singer, actor, performer and artist. He is regarded as one of the most influential pop musicians ever. Bowie is best known for his bizarre and decadent unisexual and bisexual behaviour.

His life and career tell a story of drugs, sex, very high peaks and deep lows and the exploitation of his androgynous looks. The result of almost forty years of research. The most complete and best balanced book about David Bowie that has ever been written.

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