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Ziggy Stardust Tour

The Ziggy Stardust Tour was a concert tour (182 Shows ) in United Kingdom, North America, and Japan in 1972–73, to promote the studio albums The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and – the Spiders from Mars and Aladdin Sane



In February Bowie started out on an extensive tour of the UK. He played in tiny halls at first,mainly colleges,but his audience grew at a dazzling rate thanks to the Ziggy Stardust character he produced. He had declared himself bisexual,which had increased interest in Ziggy still further,along with some more of his eccen­tric utterances. Ziggy,with orange hair,make-up,dressed in tight jumpsuits,radiating sexuality,presented a sensational act with some 10 costume changes which attracted ever growing numbers of – especially British – youngsters , When the Ziggy Stardust album came out in June that meant Bowie’s great break-through. The audience and the media agreed that a rare talent was born. Mean­ while the UK tour proceeded,and since the colleges and universi­ties had become too small,a series of larger halls were booked from May onward. Most of those concerts were booked not more than one third,but those who did come to the concerts out of interest were bound to become constant fans.Bowie proved his immense powers as a performer. In June and Juny the bigger halls started to fill up as well, and by August , September the Ziggy-mania had taken on such proportions that the demand amply outran the supply. Ziggy grew and grew and grew,as well as the number of Ziggy-clones who went about dressing extravagantly,with make-up and all that. Apart from all the rest there was also this mysterious atmosphere maintained with respect to Ziggy that contributed to his success. “Is he from Mars?”,”What is this red-haired creature?”;  such were the queslions asked,and when a reporter wanted to interview him to get the answers to those questions he would be refused admittance. Two body-guards by his side kept Ziggy unapproachable,which enchanced the mystery,and the interest still further.

Ziggy was accompanied by the spiders from Mars


After his long and successful tour of the UK Bowie crossed the ocean on the Queen Elisabeth II for his first tour of the USA. Mike Garson,piano,had been added to the Spiders,and the group Fum­ble had been hired for the support acts. The original idea was for the theatrical show performed by Bowie in the Rainbow Theatre to be maintained throughout the tour,but this was made impossible by the excessive cost. Anyway,the tour was an overwhelming success; sellout concert almost everywhere; 17 additional concerts were in­serted.Bowie got a chance to take a good look at America,and from what he experienced during this tour he drew the inspiration for the songs which were later to appear on the Aladdin Sane album.


After the successful first tour of the USA and a short tour of the UK,Bowie started out in February on his 2nd US tour. During the first tour Bowie had taken a look at the inside of the New York luxury theatre Radio City Music Hall, and had declared “One day I’ll be playing here” – that wish came true on 14 February,when in New York City the tour began wjth one of the most spectacular of all Ziggy shows. The band had been enlarged with,among others,gui­tarists,so that Bowie need not play so much himself,but could con­ centrate on the singing.




On 12th May 1973, after having swept through Japan wi th nine con­certs and left it completely bedazzled,Bowie started off on a long tour of no less than sixty concerts through the UK. In Japan Bowie had met with the fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto again,who designed a completely new stage outfit for him consisting of nine beautiful costumes which he amply used during the present tour.All the shows,from the disastrous first to the drama-stricken last,were sold out way in advance.

Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust Tour.
Tour by David Bowie
Start date 29 January 1972
End date 3 July 1973
Legs 6
Shows 182

The band

David Bowie – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mick Ronson – guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder – bass
Mick “Woody” Woodmansey – drums
Matthew Fisher – piano (20/04/72 – 27/05/72)
Robin Lumley – piano (2/06/72 – 15/07/72)
Nicky Graham – piano (1/08/72 – 7/09/72)
Mike Garson – piano, mellotron, organ (22/09/72 – end of tour)
John Hutchinson – rhythm guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar (8/04/73 – 20/04/73)
Aynsley Dunbar – additional drums (8/04/73 – 20/04/73)
Geoffrey A. MacCormack – backing vocals, percussion (19/01/73 – end of tour)
Ken Fordham – saxophone (19/01/73 – end of tour)
Brian Wilshaw – saxophone, flute (19/01/73 – end of tour)


Songs performed were (Total 43 songs) :
Aladdin Sane / All The Young Dudes (Mott The Hoople song) / Amsterdam (Jacques Brel song) / Andy Warhol / Changes / Cracked Actor / Drive-In Saturday / Five Years / Hang On To Yourself / I Can’t Explain (The Who song) / I Feel Free (Cream song) / John, I’m Only Dancing / Lady Stardust / Let’s Spend The Night Together (The Rolling Stones song) / Life On Mars? / Love Me Do (The Beatles song) / Memory Of A Free Festival / Moonage Daydream / My Death (Jacques Brel song) / Oh! You Pretty Things / Panic In Detroit / Queen Bitch / Quicksand / Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide / Round And Round (Chuck Berry song) / Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland song) / Song For Bob Dylan / Soul Love / Space Oddity / Starman / Suffragette City / Sweet Jane (The Velvet Underground song) / The Jean Genie / The Prettiest Star / The Supermen / The Width Of A Circle / This Boy (The Beatles song) / Time / Waiting for the Man (The Velvet Underground and Nico song) / Watch That Man / White Light White Heat (The Velvet Underground song) / Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud / Ziggy Stardust




Tour Dates

UK Leg of the Tour

19th London, Royal Ballroom (Rehearsals) – UK UK
29th Aylesbury, Friars Club, Borough Assembly Hall (Warm Up Show) – UK UK

3rd   Coventry, Lancaster Arts Festival (Cancelled) – UK UK
10th London, Tolworth, Fox At The Toby Jug – UK UK
11th High Wycomb, High Wycomb Town Hall – UK UK
12th London, Imperial College, Great Hall – UK UK
23rd Chichester, Chichester College – UK UK
24th Wallington, Public Hall – UK UK
25th Eltham, South London, Avery Hill College – UK UK
26th Sutton Coldfield, Belfray Hotel – UK UK
28th Glasgow, Glasgow City Hall – Scotland Scotland
29th Sunderland, Locarno Hall – UK UK

1st   Bristol, Bristol University – UK UK
4th   Portsmouth, Guild Hall – UK UK
7th   Yeovil, Yeovil College – UK UK
11th Southampton, Guild Hall – UK UK
14th Bournemouth, Chelsea Village – UK UK
17th Birmingham, Birmingham Town Hall (Cancelled) – UK UK

17th Birmingham, Town Hall – UK UK
20th Harlow, The Playhouse – UK UK
21st Manchester, Free Trade Hall – UK UK
29th High Wycomb, High Wycomb Town Hall (Cancelled) – UK UK
30th Plymouth, The Guild Hall – UK UK

6th   London, Kingston Polytechnic – UK UK
7th   Hemel Hempstead, Pavilion – UK UK
11th Worthing, Assembly Hall – UK UK
12th London, Central Polytechnic – UK UK
13th Slough, Technical College – UK UK
19th Oxford, Oxford Polytechnic – UK UK
20th Oxford, Oxford Polytechnic – UK UK
25th Bournemouth, Chelsea Village – UK UK
27th Epsom, Ebbeisham Hall – UK UK

2nd   Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle City Hall – UK UK
3rd   Liverpool, Stadium – UK UK
4th   Preston, Public Hall – UK UK
6th   Bradford, St George’s Hall – UK UK
7th   Sheffield, Sheffield City Hall – UK UK
8th   Middlesborough, Middlesborough Town Hall – UK UK
10th Leicester, Leicester Polytechnic – UK UK
13th Bristol, Colston Hall – UK UK
17th Oxford, Oxford Town Hall – UK UK
19th Southampton, Southampton Civic Hall – UK UK
21st Dunstable, Dunstable Civic Hall – UK UK
24th Guildford, Guildford Civic Hall – UK UK
25th Croydon, Fox At The Greyhound – UK UK
30th High Wycombe, Grammar School (Cancelled) – UK UK

1st   Weston-Super-Mare, Winter Gardens (Cancelled) – UK UK
2nd   Torbay, Rainbow Pavilion – UK UK
8th   London, Royal Festival Hall – UK UK
14th London, King’s Cross Cinema – UK UK
15th Aylesbury, Friars Club, Borough Assembly Hall – UK UK
18th Aylesbury, Friars Club, Borough Assembly Hall – UK UK

1st-14th London, Theatre Royal Stratford East (Rehearsals for Rainbow Theatre) – UK UK
19th London, Rainbow Theatre (Rehearsals) – UK UK
19th London, Rainbow Theatre – UK UK
20th London, Rainbow Theatre – UK UK
28th Bristol, Locarno Centre, Electric Village – UK UK
31st Bournemouth, Starkers, Royal Ballroom – UK UK

1st   Doncaster, Top Rank Suite, St. Leger Festival – UK UK
2nd   Manchester, Hard Rock – UK UK
3rd   Manchester, Hard Rock (Two Shows) – UK UK
4th   Liverpool, Top Rank Suit – UK UK
5th   Sunderland, Top Rank Suit – UK UK
6th   Sheffield, Top Rank Suit – UK UK
7th   Hanley, Top Rank Suit – UK UK

North American Leg of the Tour

22nd Cleveland, Public Hall – USA USA
24th Memphis, Ellis Auditorium – USA USA
28th New York, Carnegie Hall – USA USA
29th Washington, Kennedy Centre – USA USA

1st   Boston, Boston Music Hall – USA USA
7th   Chicago, Public Auditorium – USA USA
8th   Detroit, Fisher Theatre – USA USA
9th   Indianapolis – USA USA
10th St Louis, Kiel Auditorium – USA USA
11th Kansas City, Memorial Hall – USA USA
15th Salt Lake City – USA USA
14th Denver – USA USA
16th Chicago (Cancelled) – USA USA
20th Santa Monica, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium *FM broadcast – USA USA
21st Santa Monica, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium – USA USA
27th San Francisco, Winterland Auditorium – USA USA
28th San Francisco, Winterland Auditorium – USA USA
31st Seattle – USA USA

4th   Phoenix, Celebrity Theatre – USA USA
11th Dallas, Majestic Theatre (Cancelled) – USA USA
12th Houston, Houston Music Hall (Cancelled) – USA USA
13th Oklahoma City (Cancelled) – USA USA
14th New Orleans, Lagola University – USA USA
17th Fort Lauderdale, Pirate’s Cove Amusement Park – USA USA
18th Atlanta – USA USA
20th Nashville, Municipal Auditorium – USA USA
22th New Orleans, The Warehouse – USA USA
23rd Louisville – USA USA
24th Cincinnati – USA USA
25th Cleveland, Entertainment Arena – USA (Two Shows) USA
26th Cleveland, Entertainment Arena – USA (Two Shows) USA
28th Pittsburgh, The Stanley Theatre – USA USA
30th Philadelphia, Tower Theatre – USA USA

1st   Philadelphia, Tower Theatre – USA (Two Shows) USA
2nd   Philadelphia, Tower Theatre – USA (Two Shows) USA

2nd UK Leg of the Tour

23rd London, Rainbow Theatre (Two Shows) – UK UK
24th London, Rainbow Theatre (Two Shows) – UK UK
28th Manchester, Hard Rock (Two Shows) – UK UK

5th   Glasgow, Greens Pavilion (Two Shows) – Scotland Scotland
6th   Edinburgh, Empire Theatre – Scotland Scotland
7th   Newcastle, City Hall – UK UK
9th   Preston, Guild Hall – UK UK
19th-25th Tottenham, Royal Ballroom (Rehearsals) – UK UK

2nd North Americans Leg of the Tour

6th-13th New York, RCA Studios – USA (Rehearsals) USA
14th New York, Radio City Music Hall – USA USA
15th New York, Radio City Music Hall – USA (Two Shows) USA
16th-20th Philadelphia, Tower Theatre – USA USA
23rd Nashville, War Memorial Theatre – USA USA
26th Memphis, Ellis Auditorium – USA USA
27th Memphis, Ellis Auditorium – USA USA

1st   Detroit, Masonic Temple Auditorium – USA USA
3rd   Chicago, Aragon Ballroom – USA USA
10th Los Angeles, Long Beach Auditorium – USA USA
11th Los Angeles, Long Beach Auditorium – USA USA
12th Los Angeles, Hollywood Palladium – USA USA

Japan Leg of the Tour

8th   Tokyo, Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan – Japan Japan
10th Tokyo, Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan – Japan Japan
11th Tokyo, Shinjuku Koseinenkin Kaikan – Japan Japan
12th Aichi, Nagoya Kokusai Tenji Kaikan – Japan Japan
14th Hiroshima, Hiroshima Yubinchokin Kaikan – Japan Japan
16th Hyogo, Kobe Kokusai Kaikan – Japan Japan
17th Osaka, Osaka Koseinenkin Kaikan – Japan Japan
18th Tokyo, Shibuya Kokaido – Japan Japan
20th Tokyo, Shibuya Kokaido – Japan Japan

3rd UK Leg of the Tour

12th London, Earl’s Court – UK UK
16th Aberdeen, Music Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK
17th Dundee, Caird Hall – UK UK
18th Glasgow, Greens Pavilion – UK UK
19th Edinburgh, Empire Theatre – UK UK
20th Norwich, Theatre Royal (Two Shows) – UK UK
21st Norwich, Theatre Royal (Two Shows) – UK UK
22nd London, Romford Odeon – UK UK
23rd Brighton, Brighton Dome (Two Shows) – UK UK
24th London, Lewisham Odeon – UK UK
25th Bournemouth, Winter Gardens – UK UK
27th Guildford, Guildford Civic Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK
28th Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton Civic Hall – UK UK
29th Hanley, Victoria Hall – UK UK
30th Oxford, New Theatre – UK UK
31st Blackburn, King George’s Hall – UK UK

1st   Bradford, St George’s Hall – UK UK
2nd   Leeds, University (Cancelled) – UK UK
3rd   Coventry, New Theatre – UK UK
4th   Worcester, Gaumont – UK UK
5th   Sheffield, City Hall – UK UK
6th   Sheffield, City Hall – UK UK
7th   Manchester, Free Trade Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK
8th   Newcastle, City Hall – UK UK
9th   Preston, Guild Hall – UK UK
10th Liverpool, Empire Theatre (Two Shows) – UK UK
11th Leicester, De Montfort Hall – UK UK
12th Chatham, Central Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK
13th Kilburn, Gaumont – UK UK
14th Salisbury, City Hall – UK UK
15th Taunton, Odeon (Two Shows) – UK UK
16th Torquay, Torquay Town Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK
18th Bristol, Colston Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK
19th Southampton, Guild Hall – UK UK
21st Birmingham, Town Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK
22nd Birmingham, Town Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK
23rd Boston, Gliderdome – UK UK
24th Croydon, Farfield Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK
25th Oxford, New Theatre (Two Shows) – UK UK
26th Oxford, New Theatre (Two Shows) – UK UK
27th Doncaster, St. Sepulchre Gate, Top Rank – UK UK
28th Bridlington, Royal Spa Pavilion – UK UK
29th Leeds, Rolarena (Two Shows) – UK UK
30th Newcastle, Newcastle City Hall (Two Shows) – UK UK

2nd   London, Hammersmith Odeon – UK UK
3rd   London, Hammersmith Odeon *Official movie shooting – UK UK


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