David Bowie 1973-06-14 Salisbury ,City Hall - Sat In Your Lap - SQ 5

David Bowie 1973-06-14 Salisbury ,City Hall – Sat In Your Lap –
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01. Announcement.flac
02. Ode To Joy Intro.flac
03. Hang On To Yourself.flac
04. Ziggy Stardust.flac
05. Watch That Man.flac
06. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud.flac
07. All The Young Dudes.flac
08. Oh You Pretty Things.flac
09. Moonage Daydream.flac
10. Changes.flac
11. White Light White Heat.flac
12. Round And Round.flac

Label: The Hunky Geordie Tapes – HUG131CD
Audio Source: audience
Lineage: TDK D60 (Noggin) > Denon DRM-500 tape deck
Total running time: 0:41:52
Sound Quality : Bad ,excessive noise ,extremely dull : can hardley be listened to.
Attendance: 1.120
Artwork: By steve23yh.

“Good evening Salisbury!” the announcer calls out,“during the course of this eve­ ning’s performance there will be a ten-minute interval,and at that time you can buy the offi­cial programme,T-shirt and posters of course, they’ll all be onsale outside in the foyer. Are you ready for Bowie?!” and the audience respond with hysteria “Yeah!”. “He’ll be with you in five minutes”. The Beethoven intro starts while the announcer is saying: “Welcome to the fan­ tastic and successful world tour,including the United States of America,Japan,now his home country the United Kingdom – DAVID BOWIE!”,then the concert begins.Then the tape proceeds with the yelling for an extra:“We want Bowie,we want Bowie”
Bowie returns on stage, talks a lot,not all of it can be under­ stood though: “About a year ago,January last year,we had audiences that were very much like you,and that we … rock bot­tom,and it’s very nice to play for you tonight ’cause we think you’re great. Mick thinks it’s great. Personally I think I’ve broken my ankle (Bowie was on top of the PA and jumped down. When he landed he twisted his ankle hence the comment that he had hurt his ankle). No not really,but it hurts a bit,and we’d love to do a couple of numbers from that period when we were working,and this is a song by a very talented songwriter,I think probably one of the biggest songwriters of the Seventics called Lou Reed. This is one of his tracks,one of his very firs songs, and it’s called White Light White Heat. “If you wanna make this next one work,you’ve gotta work together, ’cause I’m gonna do this one sitting down. This is an old one by Chuck Berry,and it’s called Round & Round. After the song he receives thunderous applause and he says “We have to go now”,making it clear to the audience that there is no point in going on calling for yet another extra! “It’s been a pleasure playing here tonight”.
There is some confusion over this and the Newcastle tape: many of the copies are identical,but the fact that the announ­cer says “Good evening Salisbury” would imply that this is in­ deed Salisbury; there is also a genuine Newcastle tape though!

 david-bowie-sat-in-your-lap-salisbury-1973-06-14 david-bowie-sat-in-your-lap-salisbury-1973 david-bowie-sat-in-your-lap-1973 david-bowie-sat-in-your-lap
David Bowie Tour Band – The Ziggy Stardust Tour

  • David Bowie – vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Mick Ronsonguitar, vocals
  • Trevor Bolderbass
  • Mick “Woody” Woodmanseydrums
  • Mike Garsonpiano, mellotron, organ (22 September 1972 – end of tour)
  • John Hutchinsonrhythm guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar (8 Apr 1973 – 20 Apr 1973 – 3 July 1973)
  • Geoffrey A. MacCormackbacking vocals, percussion (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
  • Ken Fordham – saxophone (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
  • Brian Wilshawsaxophone, flute (19 January 1973 – end of tour)

  • Robin Mayhew ,Will Palin ,Mick Hince ,Dean Heiser – Sound ,Ground Control ,Front of House Engineer ,Stage hands
  • Nigel Olliff, Nick Gilbey, Paul Normand and crew – Lights ,1972 Heavy Light ,1973 See Factor Industries NY Bob See ,Steve Hurston ,Mick Fussey
  • Peter Hunsley – Stage Equipment
  • Suzi Fussey – Wardrobe, Makeup and Hair
    Submitted by Dave Mulley on 2015/09/20 at 9:57 pm
    Definately Salisbury. Bowie was on top of the PA and jumped down. When he landed
    he twisted his ankle hence the comment that he had hurt his ankle. This was my first ever concert.


    iZotope RX2 denoiser to remove hiss.

    Cock-up during Hang On To Yourself, and accidentally deleted 5 second segment from 22-27 seconds. Replaced with patch from second chorus. Seamless.

    Tidied-up three gaps in announcement at the beginning.
    Two snags in tape in Watch That Man at 2:49 and 3:16. Former replaced with patch from first chorus, latter left as is.
    Gap in Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud at 2:13. Already faded, so just joined.
    Tape tangle at 23-24.5 seconds in All The Young Dudes. Removed, fade-out/in.

    A number of tiny gaps and tangles in Moonage Daydream:
    1. 1:54 – tangle, brief, left alone.
    2.3:17 – gap, removed, fade-out/in.
    3. 3:35-3:37 – tangle, messy but left alone.
    4. 3:40 – gap removed, fade-out/in.
    5. 4:03 – gap, removed, fade-out/in.
    6. 4:09 – tangle, removed, fade-out/in.
    7. 4:38 – gap, removed.
    8. 5:20 – gap, removed, fade-out/in.

    Changes also has a number of tiny gaps and tangles, and also covers the tape flip:
    1. 0:06 – gap, removed.
    2. 0:24 – gap, removed.
    3. 0:59-1:00 – tangle, removed.
    4. Tape flip – joined @ 1:08 – no break in music, but substantially poorer sound after join.
    5. 1:12 – 1 second tangle – removed.
    6. 2:00 – tangle – faded sound (brief), left alone.
    7: 2:32 as above.
    8. 3:04 – cut, with some music lost – on source tape, left alone.
    Note that at 3:28 the original sound quality is restored (no action on my part!).
    9. 4:42 – gap in chat between songs – removed.
    10. 4:49 – tangle (crowd noise only) – removed.

    Post-encore, after Changes, long duplicated section, removed.
    Gap in Round And Round at 1:46 – removed with minimal impact.


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