David Bowie 1973-01-09 Preston ,The Guildhall – Waiting In The Sky – SQ 7+

David Bowie 1973-01-09 Preston ,The Guildhall - Waiting In The Sky - SQ 7+

David Bowie 1973-01-09 Preston ,The Guildhall – Waiting In The Sky –
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01. Ode To Joy intro.flac
02. Let’s Spend The Night Together.flac
03. Hang On To Yourself.flac
04. Ziggy Stardust.flac
05. Changes.flac
06. The Supermen.flac
07. Five Years.flac
08. The Width Of A Circle.flac
09. John I’m Only Dancing.flac
10.. Moonage Daydream.flac
11 The Jean Genie.flac
12. Suffragette City.flac
13. Waiting For The Man.flac
14. Starman.flac
15. Rock’n’Roll Suicide.flac

Label: The Hunky Geordie Tapes – HUG137CD
Audio Source: audience
Lineage: Casette reel-to-reel recording.
Total running time: 1:28:59
Sound Quality : Much noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance: 2.146
Artwork: steve23yh.

DAVID-BOWIE-waiting-in-the-sky-inner1DAVID-BOWIE-waiting-in-the-sky-innerDAVID-BOWIE-waiting-in-the-sky-back DAVID-BOWIE-waiting-in-the-sky-inner3

“Ladies and gentlemen,please welcome,just back from their highly Successful Tour through America,David Bowie and the Spiders!” the announcer calls. It is a rea] good show. Bowie is in high spirits,now and then he giggles and after Width of a Circle he enthusiastly calls : “Good evening Preston!” which is met by a moderate response from the audience. “That was called Thp. Width of a Circle. This is an old one,for Us any­ way” Bowie says, and continues to play the rest of the reper­toire. Until after Suffragette City he says: “Thank you,good­ night” and,together with the band,leaves the stage. But the fans want more,and they certainly come into their own for Bowie plays not only Rock & Roll Suicide,but also Waiting For the Man and Starman as encore! “OK,this is our very last night on tour,so we’ll do a few extra numbers,alright?”.
” … Alright”?
– you bet it’s alright:

David Bowie Tour Band – The Ziggy Stardust Tour
David Bowie – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mick Ronsonguitar, vocals
Trevor Bolderbass
Mick “Woody” Woodmanseydrums
Matthew Fisherpiano (20 Apr 1972 – 27 May 1972)
Robin Lumleypiano (2 Jun 1972 – 15 Jul 1972)
Nicky Grahampiano (1 Aug 1972 – 7 Sep 1972)
Mike Garsonpiano, mellotron, organ (22 September 1972 – end of tour)
John Hutchinsonrhythm guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar (8 Apr 1973 – 20 Apr 1973 – 3 July 1973)
Aynsley Dunbaradditional drums (8 Apr 1973 – 20 Apr 1973)
Geoffrey A. MacCormackbacking vocals, percussion (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
Ken Fordham – saxophone (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
Brian Wilshawsaxophone, flute (19 January 1973 – end of tour)

Robin Mayhew ,Will Palin ,Mick Hince ,Dean Heiser – Sound ,Ground Control ,Front of House Engineer ,Stage hands
Nigel Olliff, Nick Gilbey, Paul Normand and crew – Lights ,1972 Heavy Light ,1973 See Factor Industries NY Bob See ,Steve Hurston ,Mick Fussey
Peter Hunsley – Stage Equipment
Suzi Fussey – Wardrobe, Makeup and Hair



iZotope RX2 Denoiser for light noise removal.

Some volume reprofiling, particularly to right channel from 28-48 minutes.

Break in The Width Of A Circle from 10:23-10:31 – Let’s Dance fix from previous similar section.

Three tape breaks during Moonage Daydream:

1. Third line of chorus missing at 43 seconds. Let’s dance fix from third chorus.
2. Second verse, second half is missing (1:04) – tried to do infixes from other concerts, but can’t do seamless repair. Fade-out/in to tidy.
3. Part of guitar link missing at 1:33-1:34 – Let’s Dance fix from following bars.

On both The Width Of A Circle and Moonage Daydream, Goldwave Pop/Click tool run on default setting afterwards to smooth the repairs.

Gap between Suffragette City and Waiting For The Man (encore break). Removed with fade.
Gap between Waiting For The Man and Starman (tape change?). Fade-out/in.
Rock’n’Roll Suicide cuts out at 3:30. Fade-out.

The final three tracks, all of which seemed a little depressed in sound compared to the main concert, were treated with the Soundforge Enhance tool with +3 setting.
Sector boundary errors resolved using TLH.



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