David Bowie 1972-12-28 Manchester ,Hard Rock Club - Live Manchester 1972 - (Remastered) - SQ -7

David Bowie 1972-12-28 Manchester ,Hard Rock Club – Live Manchester 1972 – (Remastered)
Sound Quality Rating

01. Intro Let’s Spend the Night Together.wav
02. Hang Onto Yourself.wav
03. Ziggy Stardust.wav
04. Supermen.wav
05. Changes .wav
06. Life on Mars.wav
07. Five Years.wav
08. Width of a Circle.wav
09. John I’m Only Dancing.wav
10. Moonage Daydream.wav
11. Band Intro.wav
12. Jean Genie.wav
13. Suffragette City.wav
14. Rock n Roll Suicide.wav

Label: No label
Audio Source: audience
Total running time: 0:54:28
Sound Quality : Much noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance: 3.000
Artwork: None.
Remastered – Yes

Same as London,but .Bowie puts Supermen before Changes. At the end of Let’s Spend the Night Together,just before “Let’s do it,let’s make love” Bowie says: “When I saw you come,come, coming down the street. What sign are you’? What sign are you, are you a Leo or are you a Capricorn? Are you still at school? I’ve always believed in education. Educate me”. “Thank you, it’s very nice to be back” Bowie says after Ziggy Stardust, having also played here in September. “That was an old song from The Man Who Sold the World,that was called Width of a Circle. This one is relatively new,it’s called John I’m Only Dancing. “This is from the Ziggy album, it’s called Moonage Daydream Bowie says ,and after the number he introduces the Spiders: “From America we’ve. got Mike Garson playing for us on piano,on bass guitar we’ve got Trevor Bolder,on drums Woody Woodmansey and on lead guitar the FAAAABULOUS Mick Ronson!”.

Here is a concert review of the show by New Musical Express:

“It’s THE big return and Bowie’s out there suggesting ‘Let’s Spend The Night
, though his offer is more innocent than the sinister sexuality of
Mick Jagger’s version. There’s our lad in glitter jacket and tight, tight,
red knee-length pants,
yelling out something about schoolkids and urging “I believe in education –
educate me!” before thrusting into ‘Spiders From Mars’, ‘Superman’ and
, all effort and little subtlety, with Mick Ronson playing guitar
much as a Dowager Duchess
might play with her beads, good twiddles here, mucho padding there.
But Bowie’s pleased to be back, anxious to be adored, and he delivers the
rest of the set with a zest that actually drains onlookers and it’s the
crowd who finally stagger out into the street feeling knackered but ready to
face ’73.”

The intro in the show was not the well known pre-recorded Clockwork Orange
tune by Wendy Carlos but the same tune improvised by the band.
Another fact is that Bowie brought Mike Garson from the US tour which can be
heard very well on the recording.


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