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Isolar – 1976 Tour

David Bowie Isolar – 1976 Tour was a concert tour in support of the album Station to Station (64 Shows)


This show was quite different from anything he had ever done before. No more spectacular drama of the kind of Ziggy or Hallo­ween Jack,but a show that was opened by a surrealistic black & white 1922 film called ‘Un Chien Andalou’ ,by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel. This surrealism had a firm hold upon his show,which it self was kept in black and white as it were,with Bowie being dressed in black trousers and shoes,white shirt and black waist­coat,and the lights being all white. No brightly coloured lighting,just white,but with different degrees of brightness. There was also a roof of neon-lights,the same that was – on a larger scale – used in the ’78 tour.

Bowie had created a totally new character,which fitted perfectly into the surrealistic atmosphere of this show: a frosty,unlaughing figure who never showed any emotion. He called him The Thin White Duke. It wasn’t always easy to play this part from beginning to end,and so,during many a concert Bowie stepped out of his role to greet the enthusiastic audience.

Besides the musicians listed below,Bowie had originally planned to take Ava Cherry and Claudia Lennear as backup singers,but later on he thought better of it ,deciding thut two joyfully dancing singers would be out of tune with his cold ,surrealistic show. As usual,the audience were quite stunned by his show and on the whole it was well received whereever it came. Bowie dubbed his band ‘Raw Moun’.


After 39 concerts in North America,Bowie set out on his very first tour of Europe in April. Most of the time he played in small houses for no more than 3,000 people and often when he did play in larger places these were not sold out. During the majority of the 25 concerts Bowie was as drunk as a judge and reeling off a lot of nonsense,but nonetheless he always got a good reception,and his popularity was much enchanced by the shows.

Tour by David Bowie
Start date 2 February 1976
End date 18 May 1976
Legs 2
Shows 64

Tour band

In March 1976, the band became known as Raw Moon.

David Bowie – vocals, saxophone
Stacey Heydon – lead guitar
Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar
George Murray – bass guitar
Dennis Davis – drums
Tony Kaye – keyboards, synthesizers

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue
North America
2 February 1976 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada Pacific Coliseum
3 February 1976 Seattle, Washington United States Seattle Center Coliseum
4 February 1976 Portland, Oregon Memorial Coliseum
6 February 1976 Daly City, California Cow Palace
8 February 1976 Los Angeles, California The Forum
9 February 1976 Los Angeles, California The Forum

11 February 1976 Los Angeles, California The Forum

13 February 1976 San Diego, California San Diego Sports Arena
15 February 1976 Phoenix, Arizona Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
16 February 1976 Albuquerque, New Mexico Tingley Coliseum
17 February 1976 Denver, Colorado McNichols Sports Arena
20 February 1976 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee Arena
21 February 1976 Kalamazoo, Michigan Wings Stadium
22 February 1976 Evansville, Indiana Roberts Municipal Stadium
23 February 1976 Cincinnati, Ohio Riverfront Coliseum
25 February 1976 Montreal, Quebec Canada Montreal Forum
26 February 1976 Toronto, Ontario Maple Leaf Gardens
27 February 1976 Cleveland, Ohio United States Public Auditorium
28 February 1976 Cleveland, Ohio United States Public Auditorium

29 February 1976 Detroit, Michigan Cobo Arena
1 March 1976 Detroit, Michigan Cobo Arena

3 March 1976 Chicago, Illinois International Amphitheatre
5 March 1976 St. Louis, Missouri Kiel Auditorium
6 March 1976 Memphis, Tennessee Mid-South Coliseum
7 March 1976 Nashville, Tennessee Municipal Auditorium
8 March 1976 Atlanta, Georgia Omni Coliseum
11 March 1976 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Civic Arena
12 March 1976 Norfolk, Virginia Norfolk Scope
13 March 1976 Landover, Maryland Capital Centre
14 March 1976 Landover, Maryland Capital Centre

15 March 1976 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Spectrum
16 March 1976 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Spectrum

17 March 1976 Boston, Massachusetts Boston Garden
19 March 1976 Buffalo, New York Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
20 March 1976 Rochester, New York Rochester Community War Memorial
21 March 1976 Springfield, Massachusetts Springfield Civic Center
22 March 1976 New Haven, Connecticut New Haven Coliseum
23 March 1976 Uniondale, New York Nassau Coliseum
26 March 1976 New York City, New York Madison Square Garden

7-apr-76 Munich Germany Olympiahalle
8-apr-76 Düsseldorf Philipshalle
10-apr-76 Berlin Deutschlandhalle
11-apr-76 Hamburg Congress Centrum
12-apr-76 Hamburg Congress Centrum

13-apr-76 Frankfurt Festhalle
14-apr-76 Ludwigshafen (cancelled)
17-apr-76 Berne Switzerland (Cancelled) Festhalle
Zurich Hallenstadion
24-apr-76 Helsinki Finland Messuhalli
26-apr-76 Stockholm Sweden Kungliga Tennishallen
27-apr-76 Stockholm Sweden Kungliga TennishallenOslo Norway (Cancelled) Ekebergshallen
28-apr-76 Gothenburg Scandinavium Sweden
29-apr-76 Copenhagen Denmark Folketeatret
30-apr-76Copenhagen Denmark Folketeatret

3 May 1976 London England Empire Pool
4 May 1976 London England Empire Pool5 May 1976
6 May 1976 London England Empire Pool7 May 1976
8 May 1976 London England Empire Pool

11 May 1976 Brussels Belgium Vorst Nationaal

13 May 1976 Rotterdam Netherlands Sportpaleis Ahoy
14 May 1976Rotterdam Netherlands Sportpaleis Ahoy

17 May 1976 Paris France Pavillon de Paris
18 May 1976 Paris France Pavillon de Paris

19 May 1976 (Cancelled) Pavillon de Paris

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