David Bowie 1976-02-02 Vancouver ,Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum – PNE Live Rehearsal 1976 – SQ -9

David Bowie 1976-02-02 Vancouver ,Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum - PNE Live Rehearsal 1976 - SQ -9

David Bowie 1976-02-02 Vancouver ,Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum – PNE Live Rehearsal 1976 –
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101. Station To Station.flac
102. Suffragette City.flac
103. Waiting For The Man.flac
104. Word On A Wing.flac
105. Stay.flac
106. TVC 15.flac
201. Sister Midnight.flac
202. Life On Mars.flac
203. Five Years.flac
204. Panic In Detroit.flac
205. Fame.flac
206. Changes.flac
207. Jean Genie.flac
208. Queen Bitch.flac
209. Rebel Rebel.flac

Label: Shout To The Top ‎– STTP-084/085
Audio Source: Soundboard
Lineage: Double Silvers Discs
Total running time: 1:28:19
Sound Quality : very good. Equals record or radio apart from a slight noise and some dullness.
Artwork: yes.

A Japanese double CD with the well known rehearsal in complete and in very good sound quality! Just like the other Japanes issue called RAWMOONREHEARSALS. I’m not sure which one of those two discs that was released first, but the cover of the other issue is more attractive than this one. The sound quality is the same on both discs though. A nice release!


The Tour Band – The Station To Station Tour
• David Bowie – Vocals, saxophone
• Carlos Alomar – Rhythm guitar, music director,backing vocals
• Stacy Heydon – Lead guitar, backing vocals
• George Murray – Bass guitar, backing vocals
• Dennis Davis – Drums, percussion
• Tony Kaye – Keyboards
The band became known as “Raw Moon”

• Vern Moose Constan, Rob Joyce – Band technicians/personnel
• Lonnie McKenzie, Leroy Kerr, Lester Burton, Buddy Prewitt, Larry Sizemore – Lighting technicians/personnel
• Buford Jones, Scott Wadsworth – Sound technicians/personnel


steinib Jul 17 2007
This has to be one of the best Bowie bootlegs of all time, and is easily the best I have heard. It offers the listener a glimpse of the rehearsals to the legendary 1976 tour, which is probably Bowies coolest period. The music is rather dense, being full of many layers of music, with electric guitars soaring above subtle vocal harmony. Listening to the rehearsals brings the listener much closer to the music itself as it unfolds, as the players experiment along. Not that the music is at an experimental stage, it is just being polished and the players are in some places still finding their groove within the songs. The vocal harmonics between Bowie and the backing vocalist (whose name escapes me) is particularly striking because we can hear clearly how the two voices are interwoven. The backing vocals is tortuously difficult at times, something we can not detect from the subsequent live recordings. It is thrilling to hear, if you are interested in that sort of thing. Also, at this stage the musicians can goof around and play recklessly. Some of the song really *bite*. Take “Five Years” for example. It takes three attempts to do properly, mistaking one verse for another, but this track only proves that third time really is lucky. When the song does work, it is staggering, with Bowie singing it as if for the very last time. This delivery is a truly cathartic experience which easily eclipses the studio version.

Stevehawk Jan 09 2007
Now this is quite brilliant! What a find. At times you wouldnt know these are rehearsals. A superb recording (although not quite soundboard) of the Thin White ones tour of 1976. Sadly nothing official ever made it from this tour,apart from the extra tracks on Station To Station so it makes this extra special.
This is simply one of the best Bowie bootleg in terms of sound quality of Bowie recorded around 1976.

Dogs_Body Jan 22 2006
The 1976 Vancouver rehearsals were a complete dress rehearsal for the 1976 tour and took place on the 2nd of February 1976. This infamous bootleg has been released, re-released and butchered many many times over the years on vinyl, cassette and CD and the versions vary in content. The scarce Mainman And The Mainline contains the full rehearsals session, over two disks and the sound quality is very good. The rehearsal session generally went without hick-up apart from Five Years which had to be stopped and re-stated. Bowie took the pause as an opportunity to ask for a cigarette and cup of cocoa! Also, during Changes Bowie starts of by singing a load of mumbo-jumbo; wether or not he just forgot his lyrics I dont know. An essential and much talked about Bowie bootleg.

Anxiety Sep 27 2005
Probably my favorite Bowie bootleggage, if only to hear the Thin White Duke singing skat to “Changes” and to experience one of the most violently funky renditions of “Stay” ever to be recorded. Good stuff.




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