David Bowie 1976-03-03 Chicago ,International Ampitheater - Chicago - SQ 7

David Bowie 1976-03-03 Chicago ,International Ampitheater – Chicago – SQ 7
Sound Quality Rating

101 Station To Station.flac
102 Suffragette City.flac
103 Fame.flac
104 Word On A Wing.flac
105 Stay.flac
106 Waiting For The Man.flac
107 Queen Bitch.flac
201 Life On Mars , Five Years.flac
202 Panic In Detroit.flac
203 Band Intro.flac
204 Changes.flac
205 TVC15.flac
206 Diamond Dogs.flac
207 Rebel Rebel.flac
208 The Jean Genie.flac

Label: No label
Audio Source: audience
Total running time: 1:30:20
Sound Quality : Much noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance: 11.956
Artwork: None.

 david-bowie-chicago-inner  david-bowie-chicago-back

The audience is barely heard,probably because this is an open-air concert. Only when Bowie says “Good evening,I’m David Bowie and this one’s called Changes” there is a short moment of massive screaming.
During Waiting For the Man there is a sudden bang which frightens you out of your wits when you’re listening through earphones! It is firework,and throughout the rest of the concert firecrackers are being let off.
During Panic in Detroit and Diamond Dogs something happens to the tape: it sounds as though the original tape was folded or twisted during re-taping. By the way,the whole middle part including the drum solo is missing.
During Changes a large part of the audience got up from their chairs,for at the end of the song someone is heard shou­ ting “Hey,sit down!”. Much screaming after Rebel Rebel too,and when the band has returned to the stage for Jean Genie,Stacy Heydon stops to tune his guitar for a moment. Towards the end of the song a stop during which Bowie rapidly names the days of the week; then they go on again.

The Band
David Bowie – vocals, saxophone
Raw Moon – rhythm guitar
Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar
Stacey Heydon – lead guitar
Dennis Davis – drums, percussion
George Muray – bass
Tony Kaye – keyboards, synthesizers

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