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David Bowie A Portrait (Photos Articles Lyrics) Biography, greatest hits, Magazine, Photo book, stories
David Bowie A Star Fell To Eart Biography, Family, stories Wim Hendrikse
David Bowie Bowie, Cambo & All the Hype John Cambridge, Memories, stories, The Hype, The London Years John Cambridge
David Bowie Enchanting David Bowie: Space – Time – Body – Memory Biography, stories Toija Cinque ,Christopher Moore and Sean Redmond
David Bowie Experience rock’s Enduring Enigma Biography, Family, Photo book, stories
David Bowie Fame, Sound and Vision Biography, Fans, stories Nick Stevenson
David Bowie I was there Biography, Colleagues, Concert information, Discography, Fans, Memories, Photo book, stories Neil Cossar
David Bowie Life on Tour with Bowie: A Genius Remembered Biography, Concert information, Photo book, stories Sean Mayes
David Bowie My Bowie Story: Memories of David Bowie Biography, Memories, Photo book, stories Dale K. Perry
David Bowie on Reflection (hardback book & 2 DVD set Angie Bowie, Herbie Flowers, Interview, stories, With DVD, Woody Woodmansey, Ziggy Stardust Story Michael O'Neill
David bowie The oral history Biography, Colleagues, Interview, Memories, stories Dylan Jones
David Bowie We Could Be: Bowie and his Heroes (2021) David Bowie We Could Be: Bowie and his Heroes Biography, stories Tom Hagler & Tony Visconti (Consultant Editor)
David Bowie Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, stories, The London Years Dave Thompson
In David Bowie Rainbowman: 1967-1980 Discography, Hermione Farthingale, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Mike Garson, stories, studio albums, Woody Woodmansey Jérôme Soligny