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Biography, greatest hits, Magazine, Photo book, stories
Biography, Family, stories Wim Hendrikse
John Cambridge, Memories, stories, The Hype, The London Years John Cambridge
Biography, stories Toija Cinque ,Christopher Moore and Sean Redmond
Biography, Family, Photo book, stories
Biography, Fans, stories Nick Stevenson
stories Harmonie, Uitgeverij de
Biography, Concert information, Photo book, stories Sean Mayes
Biography, Memories, Photo book, stories Dale K. Perry
Memories, stories Hardie Grant Books
Biography, stories David Buckley
Interview, stories Malcolm Croft
Biography, stories, The 70's Peter Doggett
Biography, Colleagues, Interview, Memories, stories Dylan Jones
1970-1980, Discography, stories Chris Welch
David Bowie We Could Be: Bowie and his Heroes (2021) Biography, stories Tom Hagler & Tony Visconti (Consultant Editor)
Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, stories, The London Years Dave Thompson