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David Bowie We Could Be: Bowie and his Heroes

 Author: Tom Hagler & Tony Visconti (Consultant Editor)  Category: Biography, stories  Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group  Published: October 12, 2021  ISBN-13: 9781788402729  Pages: 400  Country: England  Language: English  Dimension: 23,6 x 15,8 x 3,6 cm - 660 grams

Tracing the star’s encounters with fellow icons throughout his life, We Could Be offers a new history of Bowie, collecting 300 short stories that together paint a portrait of humour, humility, compassion, tragedy and more besides. He embarrasses himself in front of Lennon and Warhol. He saves the life of Nina Simone. He is hated by Bob Dylan. He teaches Michael Jackson the moonwalk. Individually astonishing, together these stories – including details never before revealed – build a new picture of Bowie, one which shows his vulnerability, his sense of humour, his inner diva.

Exhaustively researched from thousands of sources by BBC reporter and Bowie obsessive Tom Hagler – with the guidance and memories of Bowie’s long-time producer Tony Visconti – We Could Be is fascinating, comic, compelling, and a history of Bowie unlike any that has come before.

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It departs from the usual biography (of which are there are plenty), offering instead 300 ‘vignettes’ that tell the stories of  Bowie’s encounters with other famous names. Everyone from Dylan to Dali and Lennon to Lydon.

It’s a selection of short stories that ‘together paint a portrait of humour, humility, compassion, tragedy and more besides’. So if  you want t know about the time here embarrassed himself in front of Lennon and Warhol, how he saved the life of Nina  Simone, why he is hated by Bob Dylan and much more, you’ll find it all here.

According to the write—up, the book has been ‘exhaustively researched’ from thousands of sources by BBC reporter and Bowie  obsessive Tom Hagler and is accompanied by black and white photographs and stylish line illustrations. It also benefits  from long-time Bowie confidante and collaborator Tony Visconti as consultant editor. Which pretty much assures the quality.

About the Author

Tom Hagler is a presenter and reporter for BBC World Service radio. He has covered major events and interviewed some of the biggest names across politics, music and science, with a roll call as diverse as Joe Biden, Kofi Annan, Grandmaster Flash and Buzz Aldrin. He was previously a reporter for the Sunday Telegraph and The Sunday Times.


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