Tony Kaye said Bowie discovered two live recordings that are “so much better” than the official live release 1976.

Tony Kaye, who toured with David Bowie during his Station to Station era, said he’s discovered two live recordings that are “so much better” than the official live release from March 1976. He described the board mixes as “fantastic performances” and explained that he tried to open discussions about releasing them, but he wasn’t able to establish a conversation before … Read more

David Bowie’s life and work to be celebrated across the BBC on fifth anniversary of his death

BBC Radio 6 Music and BBC Radio 4 have announced Bowie Five Years On, a series of programmes to celebrate David Bowie’s life and work on the fifth anniversary of his passing. Since his death, David Bowie’s sales and streams have continued strongly thanks to a reissues campaign from Warner Music. The 2016 Legacy collection … Read more

Relive David Bowie’s emotional final solo performance singing ‘Life On Mars?’

With the option of hindsight, it can be very easy to add extra gravitas to a particular performance or single moment. Yet, even without the knowledge of David Bowie’s sad passing, this performance of ‘Life on Mars’ is a deeply emotive and passionate affair capable of inducing goosebumps. Below, we’re bringing you the final performance … Read more

Remembering David Bowie’s bizarre collaboration with Bing Crosby

David Bowie’s collaboration with Bing Crosby on ‘Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth’ is one of the weirdest things that you’ll ever watch. However, despite the strange meeting of these two resoundingly different worlds, the duet somehow manages to melt the heart. Despite the atrocious acting on show from both Bowie and Crosby, all is forgotten by … Read more