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Video : David Bowie postage stamps

In the year that would have marked his 70th birthday, Royal Mail is issuing a set of 10 stamps to honour David Bowie. The late singer’s life as ”one of the most influential music and cultural figures of all time” will be celebrated with a collection of 10 stamps, six of which will feature the images of his ‘Hunky Dory’, ‘Aladdin Sane’, ”’Heroes”’, ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Earthling’ and ‘Blackstar’ album covers, and the remaining four which will feature him performing live on tours across four decades. David’s 1972 ‘Ziggy Stardust’ concerts, ‘The Stage Tour‘ from 1978, the 1983 ‘Serious Moonlight’...

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Video :David Bowie – Metamorphosis- An Eclectic Documentary

On this day, 08.01.2017, that would be David Bowie’s 70th birthday, Not Only Fashion Caffe’ is paying Tribute to his Life and career with this remarkable Eclectic Documentary. It’s Our Gift to the Man who changed the music. MENU: 00:00-02:30 – INTRO 02:30-07:58 – ABOUT ZIGGY STARDUST 07:58-14:52 – THE ELEPHANT MAN 14:52-25:26 – THE BERLIN YEARS 25:26-33:54 – ABOUT ART 33:54-37:45 – DYSFUNCTIONAL CONVERSATION 37:45-39:23 – THE PASSAGE 39:23-44:07 – DOLLAR DAYS – Video CREDITS: Charlie Rose Marseille Mist PBS Digital Studios Zoe Kendall (Visited 61 times, 1 visits...

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VIDEO :Death at Work. The mirror sees it all.

In his memoirs Nicolas Roeg, who casted David Bowie as alien in The Man Who Fell To Earth, refers to the mirror as ‘the very essence of cinema’. He who searches for mirror scenes in films and series will be confronted with indestructible metaphors. David Bowie united them all. A video essay by Maarten Slagboom and Menno Kooistra Thanks for watching! Consider a thumb up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Greatly appreciated! Web: Facebook: Twitter: Written by: Maarten Slagboom Edited by: Menno Kooistra Translated by: Shailoh Phillips Voice-over by: Jasper Tonnon Films: David...

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video : Space Oddity – Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles, on September the 5th, 1974

Space Oddity was originally recorded on the 20th of June 1969, and released, less than 3 weeks later (those were the days!) in early July of that year. It was included on Bowie’s 2nd album, called David Bowie, in the UK and, Man of Words/Man of Music, in the US. Later, it was reissued in 1972, with the familiar Ziggy-era look of Mick Rock’s video and accompanying cover photo as, Space Oddity. Space Oddity was reissued as a single several times in the 70’s and was in and out of the charts and radio play-lists, throughout the decade. Like...

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