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video : Space Oddity – Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles, on September the 5th, 1974

Space Oddity was originally recorded on the 20th of June 1969, and released, less than 3 weeks later (those were the days!) in early July of that year. It was included on Bowie’s 2nd album, called David Bowie, in the UK and, Man of Words/Man of Music, in the US. Later, it was reissued in 1972, with the familiar Ziggy-era look of Mick Rock’s video and accompanying cover photo as, Space Oddity. Space Oddity was reissued as a single several times in the 70’s and was in and out of the charts and radio play-lists, throughout the decade. Like...

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David Bowie & Tin Machine- Hilarious TV Rehearsal- on Countdown 1991

Bowie and Tin Machine (Reeves Gabrels, Tony & Hunt Sales) are caught cutting up behind the scenes of a rehearsal for their performance on Dutch TV’s Countdown in 1991. They joke around and run through “You Belong In Rock-N-Roll” and “One Shot” as well as a solo snippet of “Goodbye Mr. Ed” with Bowie on acoustic guitar. . (Visited 23 times, 1 visits...

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David Bowie Introduction : Don’t Let Me Down & Down – Rare Promo

David Bowie – Introduction/Don't Let Me Down & Down – Rare Promo HD Remaster from Tin_Man on Vimeo. This is apparently from an alternate version of the 1993 ‘Black Tie White Noise’ film broadcast on Japanese television some time ago. I first took the audio track and added some slight noise reduction to the spoken introduction and then replaced the song with the 2003 digital remaster. The video I recorded with ScreenFlow from VLC with the de-interlace mode enabled. Loaded into iMovie to re-synch with the new audio track, adjust video speed in certain areas, and then exported to...

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Interview From 1999 Shows David Bowie Predicting the Rise of the Internet

Back in 1999 it was easy to view the World Wide Web as a passing fad. Google was a year old, Facebook was about five years down the road, and most people were still using noisy dial-up to get online. But as this video shows, the internet had an early advocate in David Bowie The 18-year-old interview was recently shared by Paleofuture on the one-year anniversary of the musician’s death. In it, Bowie makes a case for the internet as the new frontier for “the subversive and possibly rebellious and chaotic and nihilistic …” His interviewer, BBC host Jeremy...

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  • orlando { amazing! } – Jan 18, 1:10 AM
  • John Wood { Diedrich Thank you very much, you are a star. } – Jan 18, 1:04 AM
  • John wood { Dietrich Can I have a copy of the recording? Or a link to a download? Many thanks } – Jan 16, 11:47 PM
  • admin { Hi I have this gig, and I think this is the only one made by a taper, only is this a terrible recorded sound (SQ 4) This recording is intended for collectors and not to listen but ....... you must know yourself what you want. greeting Diedrich } – Jan 14, 6:54 PM
  • admin { Thanks for your compliment, I heard the broadcast of six music Marc Riley with Warren Peace / Geoff Mack Macor and is one of the interesting ante interviews of the last year } – Jan 14, 6:48 PM
  • magoo { Dietrich - what a fantastic resource - amazing. Did you hear the show on 6 music Marc Riley with Warren Peace/ Geoff Macormack the other evening - very interesting: I would love to hear something from this period of Bowie - the philly dogs stuff is just thrilling. Peace. } – Jan 14, 5:35 PM