David Bowie 2002-08-08 Chicago ,Tweeter Center (Tinley Park) – Chicago 2002-08-08 – SQ 9

David Bowie 2002-08-08 Chicago ,Tweeter Center (Tinley Park) – Chicago 2002-08-08 - SQ 9

David Bowie 2002-08-08 Chicago ,Tweeter Center (Tinley Park) – Chicago 2002-08-08 –  
Sound Quality Rating

01. Life On Mars.flac
02. Ashes To Ashes.flac
03. Breaking Glass.flac
04. Cactus.flac
05. China Girl.flac
06. Slip Away.flac
07. Fame.flac
08. I’ve Been Waiting For You.flac
09. I’m Afraid Of Americans..flac
10. 5.15 The Angels Have Gone.flac
11. “Hereos”.flac
12. Heathen.flac
13. A New Career In A New Town.flac
14. Fashion.flac
15. Everyone Says Hi.flac
16. Lets Dance.flac
17. Ziggy Stardust.flac

Label : No label
Audio Source : Audience recording
Lineage : Unknown
Taping Gear : Unknown
Taper: Unknown
Recording Location: Unknown
Total running time : 1:19:42
Sound Quality : very good. Equals record or radio/TV apart from a slight noise and some dullness.
Attendance : Unknown
Artwork : By JTB Artwork


David Bowie Tour band 2002 Heathen Tour
The David Bowie Heathen Tour was a 2002 concert tour in support of the album, Heathen, and was also notable for the performances of all songs from the 1977 Low album.

Start date 11 June 2002
End date
23 October 2002

The Tour band
• David Bowie – vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Earl Slick – lead guitar
Mark Plati – rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass guitar, rhythm guitar, clarinet, vocals
Sterling Campbell – drums, percussion
Mike Garson – keyboards, piano
Catherine Russell – keyboards percussion backing vocals

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3 thoughts on “David Bowie 2002-08-08 Chicago ,Tweeter Center (Tinley Park) – Chicago 2002-08-08 – SQ 9”

  1. Very happy to have found this 2002 performance – some 22 years afterwards! I had only been trying to find a set list to remind me of what I’d heard at that concert, and can’t believe I now have the whole concert to listen to. Having been captivated by Bowie and his music since 1972, it was great to catch him live, at last … so for me this was a special event and I can now take myself back by listening to this. Very decent sound for an audience recording – helped by a well engineered sound mix provided for the show and the acoustic environment. Unusually – crowd noise hasn’t interfered (It was a pretty laid back crowd!). I can sense the cool “atmosphere” that I remember that show having. Two songs from Low – cool. Bowie in fine voice, Earl Slick, Mike Garson, Gail and more. And! – Bowie playing his Stylophone lol – very cool.


    Life on Mars? Good start!
    Ashes to Ashes – Good
    Breaking Glass (from Low) – awesome to hear this live!
    Cactus (Pixies cover)
    China Girl (Iggy Pop cover)
    Slip Away – very enjoyable, and Bowie gets his Stylophone out at the end! (60’s handheld electronic music maker aimed at kids)
    Fame – done with the original funk style. Don’t think I’ve heard it better (or truer to the original) on any other live recording
    I’ve Been Waiting for You (Neil Young cover) … great version!
    I’m Afraid of Americans
    5:15 The Angels Have Gone – I like this song better now that I’ve heard it live
    “Heroes” … wonderful!
    Heathen (The Rays)
    A New Career in a New Town – one of the great instrumental tracks from Low!
    Fashion – bops along appropriately … nicely done
    Everyone Says ‘Hi’
    Let’s Dance – this done with a live edge that makes it stand out from the dance track
    Ziggy Stardust – thank god! – and Bowie sang it very true to the original, which is not always the case. Thanks mate! 🙂

    All good stuff …

  2. I don’t know why I only found this now, I’ve searched for this show many times before as it’s the only time I saw Bowie. Would love to have a DL of this or something myself.

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