David Bowie 1983-08-17 Phoenix ,Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Blackout) SQ -8

David Bowie 1983-08-17 Phoenix ,Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Blackout) SQ -8

David Bowie 1983-08-17 Phoenix ,Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Blackout) .
Sound Quality Rating

101. Announcement.flac
102. The Jean Genie (Intro).flac
103. Star.flac
104. “Heroes”.flac
105. What In The World.flac
106. Golden Years.flac
107. Fashion.flac
108. Let’s Dance.flac
109. Breaking Glass.flac
110. Life On Mars?.flac
111. Sorrow.flac
112. Cat People.flac
113. China Girl.flac
114. Scary Monsters.flac
115. Rebel Rebel.flac
116. White Light, White Heat.flac
217. Station To Station.flac
218. Cracked Actor.flac
219. Ashes To Ashes.flac
220. Space Oddity.flac
221. Band Introductions.flac
222. Young Americans.flac
223. Fame.flac
224. TVC-15.flac
225. Stay.flac
226. The Jean Genie.flac
227. Modern Love.flac

Label : From the Blackout archives
Audio Source : audience
Lineage : XLII90 x 2
Total running time : 1:47:18
Sound Quality : noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance : 15.275
Artwork : None
Note : Very good audience, lower gen recording.

The Vets Coliseum gig in 1983 was seen as a quick stop over from LA to the Dallas gig of the 19th, and it is a great show.
The Audience were quite hysterical ,and since there were no seats right in front of the stage ,people were squeezed together there ,which – initially – led to some fights , but once the concert got wet underway there was nothing but light-hearted dancing everywhere in this basketball hall .
Bowie Introduced himself as Stevie Wonder (see video)
This version is complete, there are other versions that circulate but most of those are not the complete show. There are lots of cuts in between songs but it doesn’t materially affect the listening. Scary Monsters and Rebel Rebel are recorded a little ‘hot.’

David Bowie Tour band 1983 – The Serious Moonlight World Tour :
David Bowie – lead vocals, guitar, saxophone
Earl Slick – guitar
Carlos Alomar – guitar, backing vocals, music director
Carmine Rojas – bass guitar
Tony Thompson – drums, percussion
Dave Lebolt – keyboards, synthesizers
The Borneo Horns:
Steve Elson – saxophones
Stan Harrison – saxophones, woodwinds
Lenny Pickett – saxophones, woodwinds
Backing vocals
George Simms – backing vocals
Frank Simms – backing vocals Frank Simms – backing vocals

David Bowie World Convention 1983
David Bowie – 1983 Souvenir Serious Moonlight Tour

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  1. I was there, 8-17 is my birthday. I will go to my grave forever grateful for that “GLORIOUS” evening

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