David Bowie 1976-03-08 Atlanta ,The Omni Arena – Atlanta 760308 (1) – SQ 5,5

David Bowie 1976-03-08 Atlanta ,The Omni Arena - Atlanta 760308 (1) - SQ 5,5

David Bowie 1976-03-08 Atlanta ,The Omni Arena – Atlanta 760308 (1) –
Sound Quality Rating

101. Station To Station.flac
102. Suffragette City.flac
103. Fame.flac
104. Word On A Wing.flac
105. Stay.flac
106. Waiting For The Man.flac
107. Queen Bitch.flac
108. Life On Mars?.flac
109. Five Years (Beginning).flac
110. Five Years (End).flac
111. Panic In Detroit.flac
212. Changes.flac
213. TVC 15.flac
214. Diamond Dogs.flac
215. Rebel Rebel.flac
216. The Jean Genie.flac

Label: No label
Audio Source
: audience
Total running time: 1:21:54
Sound Quality: Bad ,excessive noise ,extremely dull : can hardley be listened to
Attendance: 16.750
Artwork: JTB.
Note: The same as “David Bowie 1976-03-08 Atlanta ,The Omni Arena (2).”


The Tour Band – The Station To Station Tour
• David Bowie – Vocals, saxophone
• Carlos Alomar – Rhythm guitar, music director,backing vocals
• Stacy Heydon – Lead guitar, backing vocals
• George Murray – Bass guitar, backing vocals
• Dennis Davis – Drums, percussion
• Tony Kaye – Keyboards
The band became known as “Raw Moon”

• Vern Moose Constan, Rob Joyce – Band technicians/personnel
• Lonnie McKenzie, Leroy Kerr, Lester Burton, Buddy Prewitt, Larry Sizemore – Lighting technicians/personnel
• Buford Jones, Scott Wadsworth – Sound technicians/personnel

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4 thoughts on “David Bowie 1976-03-08 Atlanta ,The Omni Arena – Atlanta 760308 (1) – SQ 5,5”

  1. I attended this concert and recall that the attendance wasn’t large which worked to my advantage once the show was under way as it became easy to get close to the stage. I really liked this set but it was a bit short – certainly when compared to the previous Diamond Dogs tour. Including the opening film it was around 1:20 minutes and I wanted to hear Golden Years and Young Americans both of which were absent. It was still a great show and the musicianship was stellar. the vocals were quite strong and each song was delivered with a high degree of intensity. For those who don’t know the lighting for the show was all white light which could be very intense especially if you get near the stage. It was wild being able to see every thing in such stark relief including some beer bottles (Heineken if I’m not mistaken) sitting on top of Tony Kaye’s keyboards. The band members didn’t move around a lot except maybe towards the end of the show during Rebel Rebel and Jean Jeanie (the two encores). Bowie himself delivered many of the songs with his eyes closed (probably due to the white light) and he didn’t really look at the band. At the start of Changes he laughed while pointing at some random member of the audience which led us to look around to see what was so intriguing to make Bowie laugh. But when I heard the King Biscuit Flower hour broadcast a month or so later he did the exact same laugh in the same spot ! Stage patter of course.

  2. Atlanta 1976 OMNI
    When his pallid skeletal figure entered the stage and I gasped and whispered to my companion, “He looks like a corpse!” Bowie was fabulous but someone inside him was dead. Unforgettable!

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