David Bowie 1972-06-04 Preston ,Preston Public Hall – Slow voice On Wave Of Phase – SQ 6,5

David Bowie 1972-06-04 Preston ,Preston Public Hall - Slow voice On Wave Of Phase - SQ 6,5

David Bowie 1972-06-04 Preston ,Preston Public Hall – Slow voice On Wave Of Phase –
Sound Quality Rating

01. Intro – Hang On To Yourself.wav
02. Ziggy Stardust.wav
03. Superman.wav
04. Queen Bitch.wav
05. Song For Bob Dylan.wav
06. Starman.wav
07. Changes.wav
08. Five Years.wav
09. Space Oddity.wav
10. Andy Warhol.wav
11. Amsterdam.wav
12. I Feel Free – Band Introduction.wav
13. Moonage Daydream.wav
14. white Light ,White Heat.wav
15. Suffragette City.wav
16. Waiting For The Man.wav

Label: I think it’s a Vanity label
Audio Source: audience
Publisher: Downunder Discs
Total running time: 1:04:00
Sound Quality: Not good ,much Noise ,very dull.
Attendance: 700 (only 1/3 of de hall that could hold 2.146 people
Artwork: Yes.

Recorded at Preston Public Hall on 4th June 1972 (before Ziggy was released, so one of the earliest concert boots by Bo

A fine example of the early Ziggy shows;
only 1/3 of the hall was occupied,but at the end of the show those who were present (some 700) were wild with enthusiasm and quite impressed by the qualities of this little red-haired creature.
The audience cry for an encore and Bowie returns: “This is a number by Lou Reed,it’s called Waiting For the Man“.

This one comes just 2 days before the release of the album “The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars” and roughly 6 weeks after the release of “Starman” as a single.
The Bowie/Ziggy momentum was gradualy gathering pace by now. Within weeks bowie’s world would change.

A very poor recording from the Public Hall at Preston on 4th June 1972. The boot says Guild Hall, which is incorrect as the Guild Hall did not open until November 1972. David later made two appearances there.


Boot Indentification:

At the start of Hang On To Yourself, Bowie says, “Hello everybody, it’s David Bowie and these are the Spiders….”

At the end of Five Years, Bowie says, “Good evening, that one was called Five Years, and it’s from an album……Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars…”

At the end of Space Oddity, Bowie says, “Thank you….thank you very much…..this is, ah, something we wrote…..”

At the start of Andy Warhol, Bowie says, “Umm, comes from an album called Hunky Dory…..called Andy Warhol”. At the end of the track, he says, “Thank you very much”.

Bowie is inaudible introducing Amsterdam, but fortunately, a fan shouts, “Amsterdam”.

At the end of I Feel Free, Bowie says, “That was Trevor Bolder bass guitar, Woody Woodmansey on drums, and Mick Ronson on lead guitar”.

At the start of Moonage Daydream, Bowie says, “This is another track from Ziggy Stardust, it’s called Moonage Daydream”.

At the start of White Light White Heat, Bowie says, “….the last number and it’s by Lou Reed and it’s called White Light White Heat”.

At the end of Suffragette City, Bowie says, “Thank you, goodbye”.

At the start of Waiting For The Man, Bowie says, “This is a number by Lou Reed, it’s called Waiting For The Man”.

“In 1972 I was 15 years old and generally hung out with people a couple of years older. One day I was asked by an older friend if I wanted to go to a David Bowie concert that night. Yes I said, not really knowing much about David. The concert was at Preston Public Hall. The Public Hall was a smallish venue, an old ballroom with sprung floors. 29 years on I am still moved/affected by that night. I feel privileged to have seen Ziggy Stardust in his early days in front of such a small crowd (I guess at 2000-3000). As the night rocked away the ballroom’s sprung floor was bouncing up and down – – I really can’t put into words what a great experience it was and what talent DB was/is. Talk about somebody ahead of his time (lightyears) – – I’m sure that concert would blow the minds of today’s youth.To me Ziggy Stardust is an important piece of world history!!!!” – Peter Ulyett (2001)

David Bowie Tour Band – The Ziggy Stardust Tour
David Bowie – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mick Ronsonguitar, vocals
Trevor Bolderbass
Mick “Woody” Woodmanseydrums
Matthew Fisherpiano (20 Apr 1972 – 27 May 1972)
Robin Lumleypiano (2 Jun 1972 – 15 Jul 1972)
Nicky Grahampiano (1 Aug 1972 – 7 Sep 1972)
Mike Garsonpiano, mellotron, organ (22 September 1972 – end of tour)
John Hutchinsonrhythm guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar (8 Apr 1973 – 20 Apr 1973 – 3 July 1973)
Aynsley Dunbaradditional drums (8 Apr 1973 – 20 Apr 1973)
Geoffrey A. MacCormackbacking vocals, percussion (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
Ken Fordham – saxophone (19 January 1973 – end of tour)
Brian Wilshawsaxophone, flute (19 January 1973 – end of tour)

Robin Mayhew ,Will Palin ,Mick Hince ,Dean Heiser – Sound ,Ground Control ,Front of House Engineer ,Stage hands
Nigel Olliff, Nick Gilbey, Paul Normand and crew – Lights ,1972 Heavy Light ,1973 See Factor Industries NY Bob See ,Steve Hurston ,Mick Fussey
Peter Hunsley – Stage Equipment
Suzi Fussey – Wardrobe, Makeup and Hair


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  1. This is awesome
    I was there aged 14
    My mum saw it in the Lancashire evening post and thought it might be my cup of chah
    It was
    DB was there with the roadies at the end moving the kit
    I went up and said I thought it had been great
    He said thanks very much!

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