David Bowie Naked and Wired – Various Outtakes and demo’s – SQ 7,5 -9

David Bowie Naked and Wired – Various Outtakes and demo’s - SQ 7,5 -9

David Bowie Naked and Wired – Various Outtakes and demo’s – SQ 7,5 -9

01. Space Oddity (Demo version, first part only, probably 1969).flac
02. Rupert The Riley (Outtake, 1970).flac
03. Changes (Demo version, 1971).flac
04. Kooks (Demo version, 1971).flac
05. Amsterdam (Demo version, 1971).flac
06. Starman (Backing track, 1972).flac
07. The Jean Genie (Alternate mix, 1972).flac
08. A Lad In Vain (Outtake, 1973).flac
09. All The Young Dudes (Outtake, 1973).flac
10. Tired Of My Life (Outtake, 1970).flac
11. Who Can I Be Now? (Outtake, 1975).flac
12. London Bye Ta Ta (Outtake, 1968).flac
13. The Ching-A-Ling Song (Outtake, 1968).flac
14. Lover To The Dawn (Demo, 1969).flac
15. The Man Who Sold The World (Saturday Night Live, 15-12-1979).flac
16. Boys Keep Swinging (Saturday Night Live, 15-12-1979).flac
17. Ashes To Ashes (Johnny Carson Show, 05-09-1980).flac
18. TVC15 (Saturday Night Live, 15-12-1979).flac

One of the best compilation discs ever!

The most interesting song on this CD is LOVER TO THE DAWN, which is a blue-print for CYGNET COMMITTEE! It is recorded off an acetate disc so it crackles a lot, and the sound quality is so-so. It sounds like it could have been a part of the Beckenham Art’s Lab 1968 tape? Most of the other songs are previously available, but here they are in superior sound quality. The other odd songs are: AMSTERDAM, which is the same version as on the LP USED UP AND EMPTY (1983), but recorded at the correct speed. STARMAN is mostly instrumental, only the chorus has lyrics.
THE JEAN GENIE is the official version but in a very strange mix. Who CAN I BE NOW has a few extra seconds in the intro compared to other bootleg releases. The four last songs are from Saturday Night Live 15.12.79, except for ASHES TO ASHES which comes from Tonight TV Show 05.09.80.
The only mistake on the cover is that TVC 15 is called SPACE ODDITY.



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