David Bowie Fashions – 10 × Vinyl 7 inch Picture Disc ,Compilation Set ,HD Audio

David Bowie Fashions - 10 × Vinyl 7 inch Picture Disc ,Compilation Set ,HD Audio

David Bowie Fashions – 10 × Vinyl 7 inch Picture Disc – 1982 Compilation Set – (24 -96) HD Audio

Disc 01

Disc 1A1. Space Oddity
Disc 1B1. Changes
Disc 1B2. Velvet Goldmine

Disc 2

Disc 02A. Life On Mars
Disc 02B. The Man Who Sold The World

Disc 3

Disc 03A. The Jean Genie
Disc 03B. Ziggy Stardust

Disc 4

Disc 04A. Rebel Rebel
Disc 04B. Queen Bitch

Disc 05

Disc 05A. Sound And Vision
Disc 05B. A New Career In A New Town

Disc 06

Disc 06A. Drive-In Saturday (Seattle/Phoenix)
Disc 06B. Around And Around

Disc 07

Disc 07A. Sorrow
Disc 07B. Amsterdam

Disc 08

Disc 08A. Golden Years
Disc 8B. Can You Hear Me?

Disc 09

Disc 09A. Boys Keep Swinging
Disc 09B. Fantastic Voyage

Disc 10
93 kopie94 kopie

Disc 10A. Ashes To Ashes
Disc 10B. Move On

Collection of picture discs. 10 discs as with new BOWP cat. # as below, with the original RCA cat. # and year of release for reference.

Record 1: BOWP 101/RCA 2593 (1969/75)
Record 2: BOWP 102/RCA 2316 (1973)
Record 3: BOWP 103/RCA 2302 (1972)
Record 4: BOWP 104/LPBO5009 (1974)
Record 5: BOWP 105/PB 0905 (1977)
Record 6: BOWP 106/RCA 2352 (1973)
Record 7: BOWP 107/RCA 2424) (1973)
Record 8: BOWP 108/RCA 2460 (1975)
Record 9: BOWP 109/BOW 2 (1979)
Record 10: BOWP 110/BOW 6 (1980)

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  1. I have this set of 10 7” picture discs in the book called Fashions. Mine have never been played but seem to have bubbling issues, where the pictures are actually lifting or separating from the disc. Almost like whatever they used to adhere them to the black disc has failed. Has anyone else had this problem, it is happening to three out of my ten so far. Thanks

  2. Discogs is a website that will provide you with information on the buy/sell prices of recorded music based on quality and release dates.

  3. I have some special addition Bowie 1974 45 picture on them . Could you let me know where I could get a value for these mint shape 45’s and one Police one as well thanks

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