Bowie On Bowie Interviews and Encounters

Bowie On Bowie Interviews and Encounters




edited by Sean Egan (Souvenir Press Souvenir Ltd)

9780285643130               May 28th                  £14.99



In 1973 Martin Amis wrote, in the New Statesman, “Bowie himself is unlikely to last long as a cult”. The ‘cult’ of David Bowie has now lasted for several decades, and while Amis’s piece is not included in Bowie on Bowie there are over 30 interviews and profiles that document Bowie’s changes, as well as his wide-ranging influence over writers, fashion, art and film as well as music, over the decades.

Despite his reputation as the most elusive musician of his generation David Bowie has always been remarkably open in interviews and, as he came to fame simultaneously with the emergence of rock journalism, Bowie has viewed interviews as another opportunity for expression.


“I realised that what I had to do was experiment. To discover new forms of writing. To evolve, in fact, a new musical language. That’s what I set out to do.”                                                                                

  David Bowie

 Sean Egan has compiled Bowie’s most revealing interviews into a riveting commentary on 50 years of personas and styles, tracing each step from Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane to The Thin White Duke and into the elder statesman that Bowie has become. Some of rock’s greatest writers are included in this collection, Robert Hilburn and Charles Shaar Murray to Allan Jones and Steven Wells alongside an interview with Alexander McQueen, the fashion designer, all of which reveal the extent of Bowie’s interests over the decades with a rare articulacy and thoughtfulness.


This essential collection of 50 years of interviews from Rock’s most restlessly creative spirit is as close to an autobiography that Bowie has come. Here is the ultimate introduction to Rock’s most distinctive voice.


Londoner Sean Egan has contributed to, among others, Classic Rock, Record Collector, Total Film, Uncut and He has written or edited

two dozen books, including works on The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Manchester United Football Club, Coronation Street, and William Goldman.

It is his considered opinion that Bowie’s ‘Five Years’ is the best song ever written about humanity having only five years left to live.

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