David Bowie 1997-10-18 St. Paul ,Roy Wilkins Auditorium (Bofinken) - The Man Who Sold Outside - SQ -9

David Bowie 1997-10-18 St. Paul ,Roy Wilkins Auditorium (Bofinken) – The Man Who Sold Outside – SQ -9

101 Quicksand.flac
102 Always Chrashing in the Same Car.flac
103 The Supermen.flac
104 Waiting for the Man.flac
105 I Can’t Read.flac
106 The Jean Genie.flac
107 I’m Afraid of Americans.flac
108 Look Back in Anger.flac
109 Band Introductions – Seven Years in Tibet.flac
110 Panic in Detroit.flac
201 Battle for Britain.flac
202 The Man Who Sold the World.flac
203 Fashion.flac
204 Looking for Satelittes.flac
205 Heart’s Filthy Lesson.flac
206 Under Pressure.flac
207 Hallo Spaceboy.flac
208 Scary Monsters.flac
209 Little Wonder.flac

Audio Sample > Superman
Audio Sample > Fashion

Very good sound quality


Although he’d played a 16-song encore just ten days earlier in Fort Lauderdale, in St. Paul Bowie skipped the encore after playing what Bream called an “often terrific” 95-minute set. It was a set full of deep cuts, starting with “Quicksand” and including “I Can’t Read,” a Tin Machine song Bowie had recently reworked for the movie The Ice Storm. Though he ultimately treated the crowd to hits like “The Jean Genie” and “Fashion,” the concert was heavy with new material from Earthling.

“Beats of the electronic variety are clearly Bowie’s preoccupation,” wrote Bream. “He has updated older numbers, such as ‘Scary Monsters’ as a space-age throb, to fit in with newer pieces, including the melodic techno ‘Little Wonder’ and ‘Hello Spaceboy,’ a megawatt industrial workout that was the night’s high point.”



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