David Bowie 1974-07-02 Tampa ,Curtis Hixon Hall - SQ 7,5

David Bowie 1974-07-02 Tampa ,Curtis Hixon Hall
Sound Quality Rating Much noise ,dull ,but still good listened to

101 Announcement.flac
102 1984.flac
103 Rebel Rebel.flac
104 Moonage Daydream.flac
105 Sweet Thing.flac
106 Candidate.flac
107 Sweet Thing (reprise).flac
108 Changes.flac
109 Suffragette City.flac
110 Aladdin Sane.flac
111 All The Young Dudes.flac
112 Cracked Actor.flac
113 Rock’n’Roll With Me.flac
114 Watch That Man.flac
201 Space Oddity.flac
202 Diamond Dogs.flac
203 Panic In Detroit.flac
204 Big Brother.flac
205 Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family.flac
206 Time.flac
207 The Width Of A Circle.flac
208 The Jean Genie.flac
209 Rock’n’Roll Suicide.flac

Label: The Hunky Geordy Tapes
Audio Source: audience
Total running time: 1:29:24
Note: Much noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance: 7.400
Artwork: by Nathan Adler
Note : Same as “An Old Fashioned Band”

Same as Toronto,minus Drive in Saturday and Future Legend.
The driver or one of the lorries containing the scenery,lighting equipment,etc. ,got stung by a bee and so the lorry ended up in a swamp.
Before the concert starts the announcer says: “Good evening. Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
The concert you’re going to see tonight is not the show we had planned for you. Due to an unfortunate road accident, half of our stage scenery, costumes, lighting equipment is in a local swamp fifteen miles north of here.“Oh my god” cry the audience.“There was talk of cancelling tonight’s performance but David Bowie would not hear of it and insisted we go on in the remaining half condition. So, in a few minutes we’ll go on with the concert – thank you”

Before All the Young Dudes Bowie says: “Good evening Tampa. Well,we thought it wasn’t gonna happen,because as you probably heard we had a bad road accident and we’re still upset about it,but l’d like to thank you for being here”.
With or without scenery,Bowie made it into a great concert,and after a stand-up ovation which lasted twenty minutes,he even played an extra,the only one of the whole tour. However,this extra is not included in this tape and which number it was is unknown to me. This is a ter­rific tape and quality-wise it is the best of 1974.(?)

 david-bowie-at-the-curtis-hall-tampa-1974 david-bowie-at-the-curtis-hall-1974


iZotope RX2 denoiser to remove hiss.
Soundforge Enhance tool on +3

The announcement was bookeneded by some gaps, which I removed and tidied.
Some volume reprofiling throughout.
Gap in Changes at 2:25-26 – Let’s Dance repair from earlier reprise.
Abrupt join between Cracked Actor and Rock’n’Roll With Me is on the source tape.
Tape flip between Rock’n’Roll With Me and Watch That Man, also shows signs of old join. Fade-out/in to tidy.
Blip in Watch That Man @ 2:07 (checked three versions, all the same) – fade-out/in to tidy.
Set break between Watch That Man and Spade Oddity. Faded out fully.
Noise blip (not 100% sure it’s anything to do with the concert) @ 4 seconds in Time. Removed – loss of a beat.

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