David Bowie additions A collection of songs from the late 60’s and early 70’s – SQ 9

A collection of songs from the late 60’s and early 70’s that I received when I bought a collection of photocopied photo’s and articles called

“additions 1947-1971″ It’s a collection of mostly demos, some of them in very bad quality and some of them are listenable. Some of them are complete

and some of them are snippets. I don’t think there is anything groundbreaking on this disk although the snippet of a young Bowie doing a overdub of his

version of the french original to “My Way” is something I have never heard elsewhere.(Even a Fool Learns to Love).

thumb_additions_backThe first 3 tracks are from an interview with Ken Pitt about his book “Pitt Report” on the BBC (20/07/1985) and include Liza Jane,

Uncle Arthur and Mr. Gravedigger.


01 – Ken Pitt interview (incl. Liza Jane and first part Uncle Arthur)

02 – Ken Pitt interview (incl. second part Uncle Arthur and Mr. Gravedigger)

03 – Ken Pitt interview

04 – Social Girl (Extract from Demo)

05 – Even a Fool Learns to Love (Extract from Demo)

06 – That’s a Promise (Demo)

07 – Aprils Tooth of Gold (Demo 1968)

08 – When I’m five (Demo 1968)

09 – Lieb Dich bis Dienstag (German LYTT jan 1969)

10 – Mit Mir In Deinen Traum (German WILMY Jan 1969)

11 – Ragazzo Solo (Italian Space Oddity)

12 – Holy Holy (Complete A Side Single 1970)

13 – Tired of my Life (Chrysalis Demo)

14 – I’m Just Looking for a Friend (Chrysalis Demo)

15 – Miss Peculiar (Chrysalis Demo)

16 – Shadowman (Chrysalis Demo)

17 – Lightning Frightening (Chrysalis Demo)

18 – Rupert the Riley (Chrysalis Demo)

19 – Don’t be Afraid (Chrysalis Demo)

20 – Hang onto Yourself (With Gene Vincent Jan 1971)

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