David Bowie Introduction : Don’t Let Me Down & Down – Rare Promo

David Bowie – Introduction/Don't Let Me Down & Down – Rare Promo HD Remaster from Tin_Man on Vimeo.

This is apparently from an alternate version of the 1993 ‘Black Tie White Noise’ film broadcast on Japanese television some time ago. I first took the audio track and added some slight noise reduction to the spoken introduction and then replaced the song with the 2003 digital remaster. The video I recorded with ScreenFlow from VLC with the de-interlace mode enabled. Loaded into iMovie to re-synch with the new audio track, adjust video speed in certain areas, and then exported to SD. Then loaded into iSkysoft video editor with auto enhance enacted and exported to 720p HD. I’m still not *completely* happy with the quality of this finished product, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that stretching out this obviously VHS-sourced original to HD is going to present some problems. I only hope you’ll forgive them as well and welcome my return back to the Bowie video restoration club


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