David Bowie Watch That Man volume 11 ( 72 min)

David Bowie Watch That Man volume 11

Watch That Man volume 11’’ ( 72 min)

Quality Pro-shot broadcast recordings of David Bowie, recorded live through the early portions of his career up to the late 70’s, as part of an 11 disk compilation. This set contains volumes 11 DVD has a total running time is 79 minutes, and quality is about 8/10, and contains the following media clips from Various broadcast sources:

Volume Eleven:
DJ (promo clip) ‘79
Look back in anger ‘79
Kenny Everett’s New Year Eve show ‘79
Saturday night live ‘79
Dick Clark Salute to the 70’s ‘79
Crystal Jun Rock ads (3 versions) ‘80
Ashes to ashes (promo clip) ‘80
Good morning America ‘80
Tonight Show ‘80
Fashion (promo clip) ‘80
Friday night, Saturday morning ‘80
Daily mirror rock & pop awards ‘80
The drowned girl (promo video)
Wild is the wind (promo clip)

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