David Bowie 1997-08-06 Leeds ,Town & Country Club (RAW) – SQ -8

David Bowie 1997-08-06 Leeds ,Town & Country Club (RAW) - SQ -8

David Bowie 1997-08-06 Leeds ,Town & Country Club (RAW)  
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01. Quicksand
02. The Man Who Sold the World
03. Queen Bitch
04. The Jean Genie
05. I’m Afraid of Americans
06. Battle for Britain (The Letter)
07. Fashion
08. Seven Years in Tibet
09. Fame
10. Outside
11. Stay
12. Looking for Satellites
13. Under Pressure
14. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson
15. Hallo Spaceboy
16. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
17. Little Wonder
18. Dead Man Walking
19. White Light/White Heat
20. O Superman
21. Look Back in Anger

Label : No label
Audio Source : Audience recording
Lineage : Unknown
Taping Gear : Unknown
Taper: Unknown
Recording Location: Unknown
Total running time : 2:05:30
Sound Quality : Noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance : Unknown
Artwork : None
Tracksplit : No track makers

Wednesday the 6th of August 1997, it was; a balmy evening outside, sweltering inside; the sense of expectancy, especially once you had fully absorbed the fact that very soon you would be stood less than 15 feet away from the great man, palpable. Reeves Gabrels on guitar, Gail Ann Dorsey on bass, Zachary Alford on drums and the seemingly perennial Mike Garson on keyboards were already on stage as this ethereal vision appeared to float into view from stage left. Dressed in a brilliant white shirt slashed to the navel, improbably blonde, bronzed and handsome, wreathed in beatific smiles and strumming the opening chords to Quicksand on an acoustic guitar, this really was the man who fell to earth. For all the world this surely was David Bowie stood before us, but it could equally have been some alien from outer space such was the otherworldliness of this being and its presence. In many respects what ensued barely mattered, as this experience could surely never be repeated or bettered. But Quicksand was followed, naturally, by The Man Who Sold The World. And Queen Bitch was then followed by The Jean Genie in what was, and probably still is, the strongest fusillade of four songs to ever open any show. The rest of the performance was dominated by songs from Earthling, the album that the tour was there to promote. I’m Afraid Of Americans was edgy, sinister and paranoid whilst the melody of Hallo Spaceboy was still rattling around in my brain for days afterwards such was the all-consuming power of its thunderous groove. But the entire evening still remains to this very day completely consumed by that grand entrance.

David Bowie Tour band 1997 Earthling Tour
Superb Bowie Performance From The Earthling Tour. David Bowie’s 20th studio album was originally released in February 1997 on Arista Records. Earthling showcased an electronica-influenced sound partly inspired by the industrial and drum and bass culture of the 1990s. It was the first album Bowie self-produced since 1974’s Diamond Dogs.

The Earthling Tour started on 7 June 1997 at Flughafen Blankensee in Lübeck, Germany, continuing through Europe and North America before reaching a conclusion in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 7 November 1997. On August 14, ‘97, Bowie performed at Hungary’s Student Island Festival in Budapest, where he put on a quite extraordinary show, accompanied as he was by Reeves Gabrels on guitar, Gail Ann Dorsey on bass, Zack Alford on drums and Mike Garson on keyboards. Playing just a few tracks from the new record plus a fine selection of back catalogue gems, the entire show was broadcast, both across Eastern Europe and indeed in the US too on selected FM stations. Previously unreleased this remarkable gig is now available on this priceless CD for the first time..

The Tour band
David Bowie: vocals
Reeves Gabrels: guitar, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey: bass guitar, vocals
Zachary Alford: drums
Mike Garson: keyboards, backing vocals
Mike Garson: keyboards,

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  2. Hi, I came across this site by accident. I was at the concert at Leeds Town and Country, the best time I ever saw Bowie live given the intimacy of the venue. My first child was born a couple of weeks before and I always say to her ‘Best year of my life, you came into the world and I saw Bowie a couple of weeks later, you might just be the more amazing !’ Seriously I would love to hear this recording but I can’t figure out how you buys it. I can see it’s listed on the concert bootlegs but is it possible to buy can anyone help ?

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