David Bowie 1997-08-09 Dublin ,Olympia Theatre (off Master 100PCB) – SQ 8,5

David Bowie 1997-08-09 Dublin ,Olympia Theatre (off Master 100PCB) - SQ 8,5

David Bowie 1997-08-09 Dublin ,Olympia Theatre (off Master 100PCB)  

01. Quicksand.flac
02. The Man Who Sold the World.flac
03. Queen Bitch.flac
04. Waiting For The Man.flac
05. Jean Genie.flac
06. Band Introductions.flac
07. I’m Afraid Of Americans.flac
08. Battle For Britain.flac
09. Fashion.flac
10. Seven Years In Tibet.flac
11. Fame.flac
12. Outside.flac
13. Stay.flac
14. Looking For Satellites.flac
15. Under Pressure.flac
16. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson.flac
17. Hallo Spaceboy.flac
18. Scary Monsters.flac
19. Little Wonder.flac
20. Encore Call.flac
21. The Last Thing You Should Do.flac
22. Dead Man Walking.flac
23. Telling Lies.flac
24. White Light White Heat.flac
25. O Superman.flac
26. V2-Schneider.flac
27. Look Back In Anger.flac
28. All The Young Dudes.flac

Label : No label > From The 100& British Archives –
Audio Source : Audience recording
Lineage : off master
Taping Gear : Unknown
Taper: Unknown
Recording Location: Unknown
Total running time : 2:18:28
Sound Quality :
Attendance : Unknown
Artwork : None
Track split, named and tagged : by Jan Erik
Information : 100PCB Master (The source used for ‘Dame Meditation‘ 4 CD set)

Review: Kevin Courtney
Like Major Tom in the song, David Bowie has been lost in his own space for the past few years, but with his new album, Earthling, the Thin White Duke is trying to make his way back to solid ground, using drum ‘n’ bass as his landing vehicle. He’s got a lot to prove, and at the Olympia last night he made a very compulsive case for the rehabilitation of Ziggy Stardust.
Bowie chose his own song, Changes, as the intro music, and he reacquainted the audience with the old Bowie by taking out an acoustic guitar and doing a straight-strumming version of Quicksand.
Bowie wore sandals and white shirt, looking as he did on the Let’s Dance video, but sounding much less anodyne. The stage was backed by a cloth screen on which video images were projected in triplicate – a kind of miniature, avant-garde version of the PopMart screen.
“Have you got a few minutes?” asked Bowie with a mischievous grin, watched by his wife, Iman, who was sitting in one of the boxes. “I’d like to spend some time with you.” A drum ‘n’ bass version of The Man Who Sold The World signalled the start of a 2½ hour set, and Queen Bitch reassured everybody that Bowie wasn’t going to ignore his back catalogue.
The Jean Genie started out as a slow blues refrain, while I ‘m Waiting For My Man was a Velvet Underground goldmine. Having sweetened the audience with a little gold-dust, Bowie and band launched into two of Earthling’s better tunes, I’m Afraid Of Americans and Battle For Britain (The Letter), and the big surprise was how good these new songs sounded live.
Fans of the old stuff might have left by [THE ENCORE], but the rest of us were rewarded with an incendiary encore, topped off by a drum ‘n’ bass take on Laurie Anderson’s O Superman, with vocals by Dorsey.
Bowie whipped out the sax for an equally radical V-2 Schneider, and then alleviated the shock of the new with a raucous finale of All The Young Dudes. Bowie at 50 – still carrying the news.

David Bowie – Stage Banter (2nd night, Dublin 1997)

David Bowie – Queen Bitch (Dublin 1997)

David Bowie Tour band 1997 Earthling Tour
Superb Bowie Performance From The Earthling Tour. David Bowie’s 20th studio album was originally released in February 1997 on Arista Records. Earthling showcased an electronica-influenced sound partly inspired by the industrial and drum and bass culture of the 1990s. It was the first album Bowie self-produced since 1974’s Diamond Dogs.
The Earthling Tour started on 7 June 1997 at Flughafen Blankensee in Lübeck, Germany, continuing through Europe and North America before reaching a conclusion in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 7 November 1997. On August 14, ‘97, Bowie performed at Hungary’s Student Island Festival in Budapest, where he put on a quite extraordinary show, accompanied as he was by Reeves Gabrels on guitar, Gail Ann Dorsey on bass, Zack Alford on drums and Mike Garson on keyboards. Playing just a few tracks from the new record plus a fine selection of back catalogue gems, the entire show was broadcast, both across Eastern Europe and indeed in the US too on selected FM stations. Previously unreleased this remarkable gig is now available on this priceless CD for the first time..

The Tour band
David Bowie: vocals
Reeves Gabrels: guitar, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey: bass guitar, vocals
Zachary Alford: drums
Mike Garson: keyboards, backing vocals
Mike Garson: keyboards,

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