David Bowie 1995-09-22 Philadelphia ,Camden Entertainment Waterfront Centre – 1. Hurling Disdain Volume One – (Vinyl) – SQ 8,5

David Bowie 1995-09-22 Philadelphia ,Camden Entertainment Waterfront Centre - 1. Hurling Disdain Volume One - (Vinyl) - SQ 8,5

David Bowie 1995-09-22 Philadelphia ,Camden Entertainment Waterfront Centre – 1. Hurling Disdain Volume One – (Vinyl).
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01. Outside (Intro).wav
02. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps).wav
03. Reptile.wav
04. Hallo Spaceboy.wav
05. Hurt.wav
06. Look Back In Anger.wav
07. I’m Deranged.wav
08. The Hearts Filthy Lesson.wav
09. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty).wav
10. I Have Not Been To Oxford Town.wav
11. Outside.wav
12. Andy Warhol.wav
13. Breaking Glass.wav
14. The Man Who Sold The World.wav

Label :
Bureau Supply ‎– BSDBLP01/02
Audio Source : Audience recording
Lineage : Vinyl
Taping Gear : Unknown
Taper: Unknown
Recording Location: Unknown
Total running time : 1:08:38
Sound Quality : Noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance : 35.000
Artwork : By Edmund Gross
Note : Actually recorded in St Louis not Philadelphia

David sang in a very strong voice


Forget the theory that artists are locked in an Oedipal struggle to kill their creative fathers. Nirvana played with the Meat Puppets, Pearl Jam backed up Neil Young, and now Nine Inch Nails have teamed up with David Bowie. It’s apparent that this collaboration has reinvigorated both artists.

Nine Inch Nails opened to a crowd dominated by their young fans. If Reznor was weary, of touring, he didn’t show it. The introspective studio Wunderkind who once stalked the stage like a caged animal has evolved into a confident band leader, taking NIN through a relentless, exhilarating survey of his career. The group has been reimagined as a stripped-down post-punk ensemble, supplanting drum machines with two drummers and de-emphasizing synthesizers for guitars. After barreling through a set that included a ferocious version of “Terrible Lie” and a funky, cut-up take on “Closer,” the band drifted into an atmospheric instrumental as Reznor picked up a saxophone to play a surprisingly accomplished solo.

They were soon joined by Bowie for a collaboration that was the high point of the show. Bowie’s Martian lounge-singer croon vied with Reznor’s blood-curdling caterwaul as Bowie’s “Scary Monsters” segued into NIN’s “Reptile.” A blistering version of “Hallo Spaceboy” (from Bowie’s new album, Outside) followed, with three drummers pounding away furiously. Reznor and Bowie continued to trade lines on the haunting “Hurt” before NIN left the stage.

Bowie then launched into an extended set of songs from Outside. Although these dark, difficult songs are arguably his best work since the ’70s, they were unfamiliar to the audience and not immediately accessible. Moreover, in a bid to put the eager-to-please Let’s Dance era behind him, Bowie studiously avoided playing his hits in favor of more obscure songs like “Andy Warhol,” “Joe the Lion” and “Breaking Glass.” Even though “The Man Who Sold the World” was familiar because of Nirvana’s cover, Bowie’s reinterpretation of it as an elegiac tribute rendered it barely recognizable. Yet while probably few knew Jacques Brel’s “My Death,” Bowie sang the song (which he used to perform during his Ziggy Stardust days) with such gut-wrenching emotion that he had the audience cheering in spite of himself.

David Bowie Tour band 1995-1996 – Outside Tour
The Outside Tour was a tour by English rock musician David Bowie, opening on 14 September 1995 at Meadows Music Theatre – Hartford, Connecticut. Support during the US leg of the tour was provided by Nine Inch Nails, who segued their set with Bowie’s to form a continuous show. Prick opened the first date of the tour. Morrissey was the support act for the European leg, but withdrew from the tour after nine dates. On selected dates Reeves Gabrels performed songs from his album, The Sacred Squall of Now in addition to performing with Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie. The opening of the concert tour preceded the release of the 1. Outside album which was released on 25 September 1995.

David Bowie – vocals
Reeves Gabrels – guitar
Carlos Alomar – guitar, backing vocals
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass guitar, vocals
Zack Alford – drums
Mike Garson – piano
Peter Schwartz – synthesizer, musical director
George Simms – backing vocals, keyboards

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DAVID-BOWIE-OUTSIDE-MOUNTEN-VIEW-195-10-21 David Bowie 1995-09-22 Philadelphia ,Camden Entertainment Waterfront Centre – 1. Hurling Disdain Volume Two – (Vinyl) – SQ 8,5