1990-07-25 Niagara Falls ,Convention and Civic Center – Put A Little Sugar In My Bowl – SQ 8+

1990-07-25 Niagara Falls ,Convention and Civic Center - Put A Little Sugar In My Bowl - SQ 8+

1990-07-25 Niagara Falls ,Convention and Civic Center – Put A Little Sugar In My Bowl –
Sound Quality Rating

01. Space Oddity.flac
02. Fashion .flac
03. Rebel Rebel .flac
04. Ashes to Ashes.flac
05. Band Introductions.flac
06. Life on Mars? .flac
07. Pretty Pink Rose.flac
08. Stay.flac
09. Blue Jean .flac
10. Let’s Dance.flac
11. Sound and Vision .flac
12. Ziggy Stardust.flac
13. China Girl .flac
14. Station to Station.flac
15. Young Americans .flac
16. Suffragette City .flac
17. Fame .flac
18. “Heroes”.flac
19. Panic In Detroit.flac
20. White Light White Heat .flac
21. The Jean Genie – Gloria .flac

Label : No label
Audio Source : audience
Lineage : Unknown
Taper: ???
Recording Location: ???
Total running time : 1:46:47
Sound Quality : noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance : ???
Artwork : Yes

 david-bowie-Put-A-Little-Sugar-In-My-Bowl-Front david-bowie-Put-A-Little-Sugar-In-My-Bowl-Back

David Bowie Tour band 1990 – Sound+Vision Tour
Bowie specifically chose a smaller band for the tour, saying in a contemporary interview that “It’s a much smaller sound. It’s not quite as orchestrated as any of the other tours. The plus of that is that there is a certain kind of drive and tightness that you get with that embryonic line-up, where everybody is totally reliant on the other two or three guys, so everybody gives a lot more”
David Bowie – vocals, guitar, saxophone[
Adrian Belew – guitar, backing vocals, music director
Erdal Kızılçay – bass guitar, backing vocals
Rick Fox – keyboards, backing vocals
Michael Hodges – drums

25 Jul 1990 Niagara Falls Convention Center Niagara Falls NY copy

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4 thoughts on “1990-07-25 Niagara Falls ,Convention and Civic Center – Put A Little Sugar In My Bowl – SQ 8+”

  1. I was on vacation from the UK and in Niagra Falls for a couple of days. We were staying in a guest house 5 mins away from the venue and saw that Bowie was playing the next night. We were on a tight budget and chose to forego a Maid of the Mist tour and spend our money to see David (a no-brainier). Amazing that we could get tickets. David was great…obviously.

  2. First time I got to see Bowie. It was a weird, late addition to the tour. Niagara Falls Convention Center (now Seneca Niagara Casino) was not a big concert venue for the area. That venue was 20 miles away in Buffalo, a place David has played multiple times over the years – Memorial Auditorium, with a capacity of 16,000+ and good acoustics for a hockey arena. The Niagara Falls Convention Center had a 9,000 capacity, and was not built with concerts in-mind and most concerts booked there were of the singer-songwriter variety (Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, etc). But David, as he always did, played like he was playing to 80,000 people in London, not a barely sold-out show in a second tier arena. Depending where you sat, the should was either great or unlistenable. We were near the stage and it was like listening to it in my living room. Friends at the back of the venue had trouble guessing most of the songs in the first half due to echo. I remember the second set starting with Sound & Vision, house lights still up with a large part of the crowd out at restrooms or getting beer. Also David taking a knee, smoking a cigarette and watching Adrian Belew and the band wail thru and extended instrumental part of ‘Stay’, in awe as much as we were.

  3. I was there! The stadium was packed. Fresh out of an abusive marriage, I was on my 2nd date with my now, husband. Bowie was phenomenal and I’ll never forget when he came out of a stage change to a yellow suit suit “Fashion”, China Girl”. I remember being dressed in such a short dress for my first time as a freed woman… I looked fantastic but was so self-conscious about my dress — my “date” noticed and knew what kind of 13-year relationship I’d just gotten out of, and gave me his classy, long, sport coat to let me enjoy the show.
    Thanks David!

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