David Bowie 1983-08-29 Hershey ,Hershey Park Stadium, ( 2nd Gen ) ( DAVROS030 ) – SQ 8

David Bowie 1983-08-29 Hershey ,Hershey Park Stadium, ( 2nd Gen ) ( DAVROS030 ) - SQ 8

David Bowie 1983-08-29 Hershey ,Hershey Park Stadium, ( 2nd Gen ) ( DAVROS030 )
Sound Quality Rating

01. CHINA GIR.flac
03. REBEL, REBEL.flac
10. FAME.flac
11. TVC 15.flac
12. STAR.flac
13. STAY.flac
14, JEAN GENIE.flac
15. MODERN LOVE.flac

Label : No label
Audio Source : audience
Lineage : Tape Trade C90 TDK – D ( 2nd Gen )
Total running time : 1:20:46
Sound Quality : noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance : 25.530
Artwork : Yes
Note : Unfortunately the first forty minutes are missing.

That Star is played as an extra means that Look Back in Anger was the ope­ning number. China Girl was sung beautifully,but at times the sound fades for a short while. As compared with the four Spec­trum shows this is rather a calm audience; on the tape not much of it is heard. There is only a massive sound from the audience when Bowie lets them sing “Break down and cry” and when in the end of Fame he incites them to call “Fame fame aah aah stick it, stick it!”.
There was some rain during the concert,so that the band were forced to hide under huge beach parasols to protect them from the damp. “Thank you” Bowie says during the band intro,“we can’t keep on meeting like this. Good evening, … all you oil millionaires”,the latter escapes me.the audience don’t respond. “Let’s all go swimming,shall we’? Your place. Anybody got a plectrum? OK,this is a song from an album we did in 1975”. “1975” he says.


Hi to all (info from the Taper)
Welcome to my series of mostly uncirculated masters & very low generation shows that i recorded or received in trades in my younger days most of my masters
have not been circulated or only traded once or twice i used to trade a lot in the 70s – 80s & i have many many shows well in excess of 7,500 tapes
Of these shows about 120 – 150 are my masters they where always on my trading list but not many got traded so i boxed them all up in the late 80s now i have
decided to go through them & upload some of them.
I recorded many bands from Genesis ñ Bowie ñ Springsteen – Hawkwind – Hackett ñ Gabriel ñ Marillion plus many many others i will try & upload a least
one show a week if not two.
To record theses shows i used a Sony portable hand held tape recorder with built in stereo mics. I always used good quality tapes to record on mainly T.D.K.
I used to insert the tape deck in a empty coffee flask with the inside taken out of the flask to get past the security ah those where the days.
The only thing i ask is please donít sell these recording & donít convert to mp3 etc & if you do ( only for your own use ). Please donít change any of the files or
info files etc this is so that people can tell the difference between this source & other sources as many people like to compare different versions of shows.
Also please do not remaster these shows the reason for this is these days there are far to many remasters of shows. Its ok have one remaster etc, but some are
remastered that many times by different people there can be at least 10 different remasters of a show from the same source & it can get a bit tedious.

Tour band 1983 – The Serious Moonlight World Tour :
• David Bowie – lead vocals, guitar, saxophone
• Earl Slick – guitar
• Carlos Alomar – guitar, backing vocals, music director
• Carmine Rojas – bass guitar
• Tony Thompson – drums, percussion
• Dave Lebolt – keyboards, synthesizers
The Borneo Horns:
• Steve Elson – saxophones
• Stan Harrison – saxophones, woodwinds
• Lenny Pickett – saxophones, woodwinds
backing vocals
• George Simms – backing vocals
• Frank Simms – backing vocals

 david-bowie-1983-08-29-Hersley Park. david-bowie-1983-08-29-Ticket.

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