David Bowie 1983-06-30 London ,Hammersmith Odeon – Bowie For Brixton – SQ 8,5

David Bowie 1983-06-30 London ,Hammersmith Odeon - Bowie For Brixton - SQ 8,5

David Bowie 1983-06-30 London ,Hammersmith Odeon – Bowie For Brixton
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101. Look Back In Anger.flac
102. Breaking Glass.flac
103. announcement.flac
104. Scary Monsters.flac
105. Rebel Rebel.flac
106. “Heroes”.flac
107. What In The World.flac
108. Life On Mars.flac
109. Golden Years.flac
110. Fashion.flac
111. Let’s Dance.flac
112. Red Sails.flac
113. China Girl.flac
201. Station To Station.flac
202. Cracked Actor.flac
203. band introductions.flac
204. Young Americans.flac
205. Space Oddity.flac
206. TVC 15.flac
207. Fame.flac
208. Stay.flac
209. The Jean Genie.flac
210. Modern Love.flac

Label : From The Hunky Geordie Tapes – HUG213CD
Audio Source : audience
Lineage : TDK D60 x 2 (Noggin)
Total running time : 1:35:02
Sound Quality : very good. Equals record or radio apart from a slight noise and some dullness.
Attendance : 2.120
Artwork : by steve23yh
Note: This tape represents the atmosphere in this compact theatre quite well

One of the best, most special concerts:
The concert in this small theatre promised to be a great contrast to the concerts in the many times larger stadiums, among other things because of Hammersmith Odeon’s reputation in Bowie’s history: it was almost exactly ten years ago that Bowie and the audience had said farewell to Ziggy Stardust in this place. And a special concert it was indeed: no columns at the rear of the stage,no hand pointing in the air at the left; there was a shining moon,at the right this time,and for this special occasion the members of the band Here playing in plain clothes.
After the announcement “Ladies and gentlemen – on the Hammersmith stage for the first time in TEN YEARS….” the band burst into Look Back In Anger , and the order of the rest of the programme was quite different from provious concerts
After Breaking Glass Bowie let the audience know that the proceeds of the show were at least £75,000 (later it was announced that the total yield was £93,OOO),“so thank you very much indeed and let’s get on with some music!”.
There was a warm contact between Bowie and the audience; the stage was not high and the audience were leaning against it. “It’s a 2800 seater,and the smallest we’ve done so far has been 12000 I think. No maybe – 1 think Brussels was probably the smallest,about 8000. It was wonderful to have that close contact with the crowd. I was holding people’s hands ,the entire thing!”. Many things were thrown onto the stage,such as an inflatable leg which Bowie used later as guitar,and then as saxophone!
A couple of members of Amazulu who had performed before Bowie had also come on stage for the last number. “Some of Amazulu for this one,it’s called Modern Love Bowie said.
Although it was short,this was undoubtably one of the best, most special concerts of the tour,and both Bowie and the audience enjoyed every minute of it. Even those who had paid £150 on the black market got their money’s worth.

 david-bowie-bowie-for-brixton-HUG213CD-frontos david-bowie-bowie-for-brixton-HUG213CD-frontis. david-bowie-bowie-for-brixton-HUG213CD-backos david-bowie-sway-through-the growd-HUG094CD-backis.

David Bowie Tour band 1983 – The Serious Moonlight World Tour :
David Bowie – lead vocals, guitar, saxophone
Earl Slick – guitar
Carlos Alomar – guitar, backing vocals, music director
Carmine Rojas – bass guitar
Tony Thompson – drums, percussion
Dave Lebolt – keyboards, synthesizers
The Borneo Horns:
Steve Elson – saxophones
Stan Harrison – saxophones, woodwinds
Lenny Pickett – saxophones, woodwinds
Backing vocals
George Simms – backing vocals
Frank Simms – backing vocals Frank Simms – backing vocals

David Bowie World Convention 1983
David Bowie – 1983 Souvenir Serious Moonlight Tour


Lightweight hiss reduction using iZotope RX2 denoiser tool.

Some volume reprofiling required from the end of Scary Monsters and during Rebel Rebel.
Tape flip between Golden Years and Fashion – fade-out/in.
Tape flip between Station To Station and Cracked Actor during crowd noise – seamless.
Tape flip between Fame and Stay during crowd noise – seamless.
Sector Boundary Errors fixed with TLH.

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