David Bowie 1978-07-01 London ,Earl’s Court Arena (GM)- SQ 8

David Bowie 1978-07-01 London ,Earl's Court Arena (GM)- SQ 8

David Bowie 1978-07-01 London ,Earl’s Court Arena .
Sound Quality Rating

01. “Heroes” (cuts in).flac
02. What In The World.flac
03. Be My Wife.flac
04. The Jean Genie.flac
05. Blackout.flac
06. Sense Of Doubt.flac
07. Speed Of Life.flac
08. Sound And Vision.flac
09. Breaking Glass.flac
10. Fame.flac
11. Beauty And The Beast.flac
12. Band Introductions.flac
13. Five Years.flac
14. Soul Love.flac
15. Star.flac
16. Hang Onto Yourself.flac
17. Ziggy Stardust.flac
18. Suffragette City.flac
19. Art Decade.flac
20. Alabama Song.flac
21. Station To Station.flac
22. TVC-15.flac
23. Stay.flac
24. Rebel Rebel.flac

Label : No label
Audio Source : audience
Lineage : Cassette of unknown generation
Total running time : 1:39:24
Sound Quality : noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance : 18.000
Artwork : None
Note : Warszawa is missing

Very nice concert.
This is the 3rd night of a triple appearance at Earl’s Court and at the same time the last concert in Europe of the Isolar II tour.
So I hope you still can enjoy it, even if it’s not complete.

The usual order plus Sound and Vision after Speed of Life!.
After Station to Stahon: TVC15 / Encore: Stay / RebeL Rebel . “Sit down you motherfuckers!” an angry Briton yells at the beginning.
Be­ fore Sound and Vision Bowie says: “This is some thing we never have done before”: indeed it is the first and only time that this song is song live,so this is quite a unique occasion! Yet,I find it rather disappoin­ting,and someone is singing pretty off-key at the back. “As you probably heard this is the last night on tour. So ofcourse I’d like to thank very much the guys that worked with us. I’d like to thank Showco for the sound, … (?) … for the lights,and my trucking company,for the trucks, I’d also like to thank on piano Sean Mayes from Fumble. I mean,what are you guys doing after the show? Are you going to have plans & things? No? Oh good,then we miight tour again!”. This ofcourse is met with thunderous ap­ ?lause! The audience sing along with Five Years to a man. Du­ring Stay Bowie throws his sailor’s cap into the crowd and immediately he is showered with all sorts of hats and caps from the audience! Stay changes into Rebel Rebel and that is the end of the concert. “Thank you very much. We love you, goodnight”


Tour band 1978 – The Low and Heroes World Tour :
David Bowie – vocals, chamberlain
Adrian Belew – lead guitar, backing vocals
Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (music director)
George Murray – bass guitar, backing vocals
Dennis Davis – drums, percussion
Roger Powell – keyboards, synthesizer ,Moog Taurus bass pedals ,backing vocals (except 11–14 November 1978)
Dennis Garcia – keyboards, synthesizer (11–14 November 1978 only)
Sean Mayes – piano, string ensemble, backing vocals Simon House – electric violin
Simon House – electric violin.


Rec. Info:
Cassette of unknown generation -> transfer via Onkyo tapedeck TA-2330 -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (remaster/edit)
After the upload of the MSG 1978 tape the work on this was als quite a challenge.
Unfortunately my tape starts in the middle of “Heroes”, so not only half of this song but also Warszawa is missing.
The sound of the tape is in my opinion even better than the MSG tape as it has also a quite good bass. So I just improved the treble a bit and made some sound level corrections.
During the set the sound changes a bit to less bass and more treble. I can’t say if this is from the original recording or if it happened during the early transfer.
Nevertheles a very good sounding recording.

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