David Bowie 1976-05-13 Rotterdam ,Ahoy Sports Palais (Helden label) – SQ 7,5

David Bowie 1976-05-13 Rotterdam ,Ahoy Sports Palais (Helden label) - SQ 7,5

David Bowie 1976-05-13 Rotterdam ,Ahoy Sports Palais (Helden label).
Sound Quality Rating

01. Station To Station.wav
02. Suffragette City.wav
03. Fame.wav
04. Word On A Wing.wav
05. Stay.wav
06. Waiting For The Man.wav
07. Changes.wav
08. Tvc 15.wav
09. Diamond Dog.wav
10. Rebel Rebel.wav
11. The Jean Genie.wav

Label: Helden label
Audio Source: audience
Total running time: 1:06:38
Sound Quality : Much noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance: 5.000
Artwork: None.

This is a fantastic concert;
It is not without reason that it got so many favourable reviews. Elly de Waard for instance wrote: ‘David Bowie greater than great’. .

This tape was recorded by RCA and has samehow.filteredtered through from RCA to fans.it contains the same songs as Dusseldorf, minus Queen Bitch,wich is missing. After a five minutes’ drum solo during Panic in Detroit,Bowie introduces the band: “Good evening Rotterdam. I’d like firstly to introduce my band Raw Moon,and I’ll introduce the personnel. On keyboards,the origi­nal Yes keyboard player – Tony Kaye. On guitar,co-writer with myself and John Lennon on Fame – Carlos Alomar“. (Tony Kaye sets in the first notes of Changes.) “On percussion Dennis Da­vis,on bass guitar George Murray and on guitar Stacy Heydon … Tony,Tony~ Hold it a minute”. (Tony stops playing.) “Uhm,how many of you here speak English? You’re very kind,because we’re very rude and we don’t speak your language but we do speak English. I’d like to tell you that most of us in this band to­ night,are very ill! Haha,with bronchitis,but we wanna try and rock and roll as much as we can. And my name is David Bowie, and this is a bronchial version of Changes“. The song is played excellently,ending with a magnificent bass solo by George Murray. At the end of Jean Genie Bowie says; “We’ll see some of you tomorrow”.

Tour band Isolar 1976:

David Bowie – vocals, saxophone
Raw Moon – rhythm guitar
Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar
Stacey Heydon – lead guitar
Dennis Davis – drums, percussion
George Muray – bass
Tony Kaye – keyboards, synthesizers


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