David Bowie 1974-10-10 Madison ,University of Wisconsin – 1974 – SQ 6,5

David Bowie 1974-10-10 Madison ,University of Wisconsin - 1974 - SQ 6,5

David Bowie 1974-10-10 Madison ,University of Wisconsin – 1974 –
Sound Quality Rating

University of Wisconsin ,Madison ,July 2 ,1974
01. Intro – Memory Of A Free Festival (Mike Garson band).flac
02. Rebel Rebel.flac
03. John I’m only Dancing (again).flac
04. Sorrow.flac
05. Changes.flac
06. 1984.flac
07. Moonage Daydream.flac
08. When You Rock and.flac
09. The Jean Genie.flac
10. Diamond Dogs.flac
11. Young Americane.flac
12. Can You Hear Me.flac
13. It’s Gonna Be Me.flac
14. Somebody up there.flac
15. Suffragette City.flac
16. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide.flac

Curtis Hixon Hall ,Tampa ,July 2 ,1974
17. Announcement.flac
18. 1984.flac
19. Rebel Rebel.flac
20. Moonage Daydream.flac
21. Sweet Thing.flac
22. Candidate.flac
23. Sweet Thing (reprise).flac
24. Changes.flac
25. Suffragette City.flac
26. Aladdin Sane.flac
27. All The Young Dudes.flac
28. Cracked Actor.flac
29. Rock’n’Roll With Me.flac
30. Watch That Man.flac
31. Space Oddity.flac
32. Diamond Dogs.flac
33. Panic In Detroit.flac

Label: Fire Power ‎– FP-0050-A/B
Audio Source: audience
Total running time: 1:17:46
Sound Quality : Not good ,much Noise ,very dull
Attendance: ???
Artwork: yes.

This is the third concert of the Soul Tour,
“Hmm,Madison,good evening” he says during Rock & Roll With Me,“it’s a pleasure and a privilige to be here. Thanks for having me”. Bowie Announces the new numbers of the Young Americans set: “Here are some very new songs. We’ve just recorded them. And they’re for an album that won’t be out until next year,so we’re gonna play them for ya now. This one is called Young Americans”. And Can You Hear Me: “This song is for girls. Yes,here’s a love song. I don’t write many love songs”. At the beginning of Rock & Roll Suicide Bowie says: “This is the first time that we’ve been here,and we’re coming back,haha!”.
The audience cheer,but on the whole one cannot hear much of the audience :

This tape has a rather direct sound. “You’re not alone,helieve it” Bowie sings,and gets visibly emotional. “All you gotta do is win! Win! Loose? Win ,yeah!” he sings passionately,and at the end of the song he calls out “Oh you’re wonderful,I bless ya! I love ya! I’ll see you again soon! I mean it”. The audience applaude and the announcer says: “Ladies and gentlemen ,Mr Bowie has left the theatre”

 david-bowie-MADISON  R-5652482-1399017872-7609.jpeg  R-5652482-1399017848-8989.jpeg  R-5652482-1399017858-4796.jpeg  david-bowie-1974-10-10  david-9261.jpeg R-5652482-1399017826-4631.jpeg

The Tour Band – The Soul/Philly Dogs Tour (October–December)
• David Bowie – vocals
• Mike Garson – piano, mellotron, music director
• Earl Slick – lead guitar
• Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar
• David Sanborn – alto saxophone, flute
• Willie Weeks – bass
• Dennis Davis – drums
• Pablo Rosario – percussion
• Warren Peace – backing vocals
• Ava Cherry – backing vocals
• Robin Clark – backing vocals
• Anthony Hinton – backing vocals
• Diane Sumler – backing vocals
• Luther Vandross – backing vocals

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