David Bowie – Diamond Dogs

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs

David Bowie – Diamond Dogs

1/4 inch 15IPS R2R > 24/96 PCM > FLAC

01 Future Legend/Bewitched, Diamond Dogs
02 Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise)
03 Rebel Rebel
04 Rock N Roll With Me
05 We Are The Dead
06 1984
07 Big Brother

This is still one of my all-time favourite albums ever.
The track split seems odd at first so here’s the thinking behind it:
These transfers are one single file on each album, and I have been splitting the tracks out myself so for the sake of continuity (not to mention some very tight segues) I decided to run “Diamond Dogs” after “Future Legend/Bewithced” and left the whole “Sewwt Thing” suite as it is listed on the “David Live” album, because after all it is one track – giving a long piece several subtitles was common back then.
I hope you can forgive this little idiosyncrasy

Please do not encode to MP3 or downgrade quality in any way.
This is a genuine high resolution transfer from the original masters and is as close to the original studio mix tape as you will ever get and as such is presented exactly as it is on the tapes with no added processing or brickwall limiting for volume increase. If you want to make it louder simply turn up your amp – after all, that is what it was designed to do,

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