David Bowie Odds and Sods ,Compilation spanning a period of 40 years of rare tracks (CD) – SQ 9

David Bowie Odds and Sods ,Compilation spanning a period of 40 years of rare tracks (CD) - SQ 9

David Bowie Odds and Sods ,Compilation spanning a period of 40 years of rare tracks (CD).
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01. You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving – Alternate Overdub (1965).flac
02. Even A Fool Learns To Love – Rare Longer Version (1968).flac
03. The Supermen – Rare Demo (1970).flac
04. Changes – Demo (1971).flac
05. Life On Mars – Early Demo (1971).flac
06. Sitting Next To You – Intro (1977) .flac
07. Sitting Next To You – Instrumental (1977).flac
08 .Sitting Next To You – Intro 2 (1977).flac
09. Intro Reheasal 1 (March 1977).flac
10. Intro Reheasal 2 (March 1977).flac
11. Intro Reheasal 3 (March 1977).flac
12. Sitting Next To You (March 1977).flac
13. Madman – Instrumental (March 1977).flac
14. Madman 1 (March 1977 demo).flac
15. Madman 2 (March 1977).flac
16. Heroes – Marc Show (28-09-1977).flac
17. Jam – Marc Show (28-09-1977).flac
18. Boys Keep Swinging – Kenny Everett Show (1979).flac
19. Imagine – Unreleased Longer Track Live In Hong Kong (1983).flac
20. David Bowie Impersonates Various Artists (1985).flac
21. Wild Things – Chilly Down (1985).flac
22. We Prick You – Unreleased Version (1995).flac
23. Mother – Unreleased Version (1998).flac
24. Without You I’m Nothing – Live With Placebo (1999).flac
25. America – Robin Hood Benefit (2002).flac
26. Fashion – With Damon Albarn Live On French TV (2003).flac
27. (She Can) Do That – David Bowie Demo With Kristeen Young Vocals(2005).flac

Label: EAT A PEACH – EAT 183
Total running time: 1:16:02
Sound Quality : very good. Equals record or radio apart from a slight noise and some dullness.
Artwork: Yes. > Rare cd with printed innersleeve and an 8-page booklet

David Bowie’s recording career lasted more than 50 years leaving us a great discography. But besides all the official stuff there has always been some rare recordings which leaked their way to the collectors.
Some of this has now been collected onto to this rare Odds And Sods album.
From an early 1965 alternate overdub take on Davids thirds single, “You’ve Got A Habbit Of Leaving”, recorded at IBC studios in 1965, to a 2005 demo version of “(She Can) Do That”, a song David did with the famous dance/trance producer BT for the Stealth soundtrack.
This rare demo version of the song has David together with Kristeen Young.
So Odds And Sods is spanning a period of 40 years of rare tracks.

 david-bowie's-odds-and-sods  david-bowie-odds-and-sods  david-bowie-Odds-and-Sods-Back-R-10892630-1534288722-6920.jpeg david-bowie-Odds-and-Sods-BackR-10892630-1534289368-3562.jpeg david-bowie-Odds-and-Sods-BackR-10892630-1534289368-6711.jpeg

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