David Bowie 1969-10-20 BBC Sessions DLT Dave Lee Travis Show + intro – SQ 8-9

David Bowie 1969-10-20 BBC Sessions DLT Dave Lee Travis Show + intro - SQ 8-9

David Bowie 1969-10-20 BBC Sessions DLT Dave Lee Travis Show + intro -Broadcast on 26-10-69 ,Studio 2 ,Aeolian Hall ,London
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01 – Intro (London, Oct. 28th 1969).flac
02 – Unwashed & Somewhat Slightly Dazed (London, Oct. 28th 1969).flac
03 – Interview By Brian Matthew (London, Oct. 28th 1969).flac
04 – Let Me Sleep Beside You (London Oct. 28th 1969).flac
05 Janine – 1969 BBC.flac

‘Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed’ and ‘Janine’ were repeated on the 05-02-70 show, but the latter versions are easily separated by the applause of the audience.

David bowie – vocals ,acoustic 12 string guitar
plus Juniors Eyes
Mick Wayne – guitar
Tim Remwick – rhythm guitar
John Lodge – bass guitar
John Cambridge – drums

‘Let Me Sleep Beside You’ and an accompanying short interview with Brian Mathew (both featured on the “Bowie At The Beeb” broadcast) have been issued on the BBC Sessions 1969-1972 Sampler. The complete session, taken from the unreleased NMC BBC 3CD set, has appeared on Kiss The Viper’s Fang (EDB 002).

The official Bowie At The Beeb CD has the same interview plus ‘Let Me Sleep Beside You’ and ‘Janine’. In 2009, the entire session was included on the 40th Anniversary Edition of Space Oddity.

David Bowie Interview ,with Brian Matthew ,DLT (Dave Lee Travis) Show BBC Radio ,Recorded: 20th October 1969

BM: David the record which you have in er the charts in Britain at the moment is… undoubtedly your biggest success to date isn’t it?
DB: My only success to date.
BM: (laughs) Well I wouldn’t of said that.
DB: Umm.
BM: But tell us a little bit about it was it er, was it planned a long time ago or is it fairly recent?
DB: Er most people presumed that it was written because of, or anticipating the space shot, but in fact it was started last November, and the recording of it was started last December and it was finally finished in June, after which it was released within three weeks which was very good going.
BM: Sure.
DB: Hmmm.
BM: Right er now you’re not doing it in the studio…
DB: No.
BM: …today.
DB: No.
BM: …why is this?
DB: We’d need about five orchestras to get the… the right sound I think.
BM: Yeah?
DB: That’s possibly past… everybody’s budget (laughs).
BM: (laughs) Yeah that could be true.
BM: Do you do a… er a live version of it when you’re travelling around?
DB: Just with twelve string… just with twelve string guitar.
BM: Yeah?
DB: Yeah.
BM: And not with your little electronic gadget.
DB: Yes I use that thing.
BM: That thing? (laughing).
DB: That thing? (laughing).
DB: (laughing) Daren’t mention it.
BM: Well we ought not to really.
BM: Have you got anything that you are doing in today’s programme that is not on record?
DB: Oh yeah. We’ve got er a number that we dug up today, erm… which was written about four years ago and I… it hasn’t been out of the house… it’s the first airing it’s ever had anywhere.
BM: Really?
DB: Mmm.
BM: Why was it not recorded?
DB: Er well… my mother thought the lyrics were dirty so…
BM: Are they?
DB: Er no not at all.
BM: Oh dear (laughing).
DB: They’re rather splendid.
BM: (laughing)
BM: Alright what’s it called?
DB: Very ethereal… er Let Me Sleep Beside You.
BM: Can we hear it?
DB: Yes.
(‘Let Me Sleep Beside You’ performed, followed by ‘Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed’).
Introduction to ‘Janine’ over the opening bars…
BM: OK just one more from David Bowie it’s called Janine. And we must mention just one more time Juniors Eyes for a super session. Take it David…

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