Tony Visconti is ‘in talks’ to ensure unheard material can be released

David Bowie’s producer Tony Visconti says “great” unreleased music is likely to be released in the near future.

Following Bowie’s death in January, Visconti said it was “logical” that previously unreleased music would be coming out.

Visconti told The Evening Standard: “I think it’s logical that, over the next few years, you’re going to hear a lot of stuff that you haven’t heard before. I’m in talks with his management and his label – there’s going to be some great Bowie stuff coming out.”

However, Visconti was unable to confirm the whereabouts of five additional songs he produced during the sessions of Bowie’s final album ‘Blackstar’. He said: “I haven’t heard those songs yet. I might actually have to help his management company find them. I have an idea where he might have recorded them.”

Visconti said it was more likely initially that extra songs recorded during sessions for other Bowie albums would be released first.

Bowie’s box-set ‘Five Years’, released in 2015, included a double album of previously unreleased songs covering the box’s 1969-73 years. It’s expected similar unreleased material will be included in the second volume of box-sets spanning Bowie’s career. It’s believed the second box-set may be released this autumn.

Bowie is known to have recorded many songs that have never officially been released. This includes an entire album, ‘Toy’, which was recorded in 2001 in between his albums ‘Hours’ and ‘Heathen’.

Unreleased Bowie music will feature in BBC4’s documentary ‘The People’s History Of Pop’ in July, after presenter Danny Baker tweeted that he had been played a demo of ‘Space Oddity’ with alternative lyrics and Bowie’s version of ‘My Way’ which inspired his hit ‘Life On Mars?’

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