David Bowie Style (2012)

David Bowie Style (2012)

David Bowie is renowned for his innovative, ever-changing style; from androgynous leotards and space-age jumpsuits to short-cut blazers and distressed frock coats. With an estimated 136 million album sales under his belt, and over a thousand international tour dates, Bowie has captured the attention of rock fans all over the world.

Crammed with fabulous photographs, this book is a stunning fashion retrospective of the iconic and well-loved rockstar. Apart from documenting five decades of Bowie’s unique sense of style, it also discusses the cultural and artistic influences that have shaped him, and how he has influenced others in turn.

David Bowie Style is a must for die-hard Bowie fans as well as fashion lovers everywhere.

1. Mod and Mime
2. The Man Who Sold the World
3. Ziggy – The Lad Insane
4. The Thin White Duke
5. Berlin Boy
6. Dancer in the Serious Moonlight
7. Contemporary Chameleon

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