Tin Machine1989-06-25 Paris ,FM Broadcast SQ 9+

Tin Machine1989-06-25 Paris ,FM Broadcast SQ 9+
La Cigalle ,Paris, France ,Westwood one FM broadcast master recording

01. radio introduction and chatter 2.12 .flac
02. David talks 0.50.flac
03. amazing 5.33 .flac
04. heaven’s in here 7.37 .flac
05. working class hero 5.10 .flac
06. baby can dance 6.24.flac
07. Maggie’s farm 5.29.flac
08. I can’t read (with Maggie’s farm reprise) 6.14 .flac
09. under the god 5.10.flac

runtime: 44:40 (minutes/ seconds)

(apparently missing from the concert: sacrifice yourself / Prisoner Of Love / Tin Machine / Sorry / Country Bus Stop / Bus Stop / Run / Pretty Thing / Crack City)

Tin Machine
David Bowie: lead vocals and guitar
Reeves Gabrels: guitar, vocals
Kevin Armstrong: rhythm guitar
Tony Sales: bass, vocals
Hunt Sales: drums, vocals


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