David Bowie 1997-06-02 London ,Hanover Grand (TRY-OUT Concert) (DAT Master) - Famous Fame - SQ 8

David Bowie 1997-06-02 London ,Hanover Grand , 1st night (TRY-OUT Concert) (DAT Master) – Famous Fame – SQ 8

Set 1
101. Quicksand [Fades in – tape problem].flac
102. V2-Schneider.flac
103. Battle For Britain (The Letter) .flac
104. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) .flac
105. I’m Afraid Of Americans .flac
106. Seven Years In Tibet .flac
107. Fashion.flac
108. Outside.flac
109. Little Wonder.flac
110. Looking For Satellites.flac
111. The Last Thing You Should Do.flac
112. O Superman.flac
113. Hallo Spaceboy.flac
214. The Jean Genie.flac
215. Queen Bitch.flac
216. Fame (Fades in due to tape flip – battery change).flac
217. Stay.flac

Set 2
218. David’s intro – I’m Deranged.flac
219. Pallas Athena.flac
220. V2-Schneider.flac
221. Dead man Walking.flac
222. O Superman .flac
223. The Last Thing You Should Do.flac
225. Is It Any Wonder.flac

Label: Wardour ‎– Wardour-235
Audio Source: audience > Lineage – Sony Portable DAT Recorder > DAT Tape Master
Total running time: 2:24:31
Note: Good quality audience recording – I’d give it SQ 8
Attendance: 720
note: Two problems on tape first ‘Quicksand’ fades in due to a tape problem & ‘Fame’ fades in due to a battery change.

This was the first of the “secret” rehearsal gigs that sold out in moments.


The complete first “secret” club gig in London, a few days before the official Earthling Tour premiere.
This night the show was split into two sets, one “normal” and one “drum’n’bass” set.
The audience is very good during the first “normal” set, but looses interest during the second set.
This was the reason to choose the drum ‘n’ bass set as the opening set for all the remaining club gigs. A wise decision! The sound quality of this audience recording is good/excellent.

The Band
David Bowie – vocals + guitar + saxophone
Reeves Gabrels – guitar
Zachary Alford – drums
Gail Ann Dorsey – bass + guitar + vocals
Mike Garson – piano + keyboards + samples

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