David Bowie 1995-10-04 Columbus , Polaris Ampitheater SQ 8

David Bowie 1995-10-04 Columbus , Polaris Ampitheater SQ 8

* = with Nine Inch Nails)
101: subterrarreans 4:54 *
102: scary monsters 5:32 *
103: reptile 6:22 *
104: hallo spaceboy 5:30 *
105: hurt 6:13 *
106: the heart’s filthy lesson 5:04
107: look back in anger 5:11
108: the voyeur of utter destruction (as beauty) 5:18 (end applause spliced)
109: outside 4:39
110: I have not been to Oxford town 4:45
211: Andy Warhol 3:34
212: breaking glass 3:44
213: we prick you 4:22
214: the man who sold the world 3:40
215: a small plot of land 6:41
216: nite flights 5:31
217: under pressure 4:07
218: I’m deranged 3:30 (cuts, tape flip)
219: band introductions 1:28
220: teenage wildlife 7:20
221: hallo spaceboy 6:00

audience recording
runtime: 103:27 (minutes/ seconds)

“George Simms .He’s got a brother you hear on the radio .It’s your brother isn’t ? .He makes a lot of money .Gail is someone I could easily fall in love with.In a very paternal way of course,”Bowie says at the beginning of teenage wildlife

this tape has seen some circulation for awhile unfortunately this source and any copies of it were a little slow so I just thought it wasn’t a very good night for the band or a bad recording. actually turns out it just needed a little pitch adjusting. it’s not a bad recording at all,
all the instruments and vocals come through well throughout, very little if any obstruction between the mikes and the speakers, not much crowd noise (though it is obviously an audience recording) and it was actually a pretty good night for the band in Ohio.
it sounds alot better at the right speed (or at least alot closer) the 1st song appears to be missing, the recording goes through from
subterraneans to the end of voyeur, picks up before outside without any music missing, and runs through most of “I’m Deranged” before it cuts there for a tape change. it resumes just before the band introductions so probably about 2 minutes of track 18 is missing here.
everything other than that and the beginning of the show seems to be included. not sure how much is missing in the beginning, but probably just a few minutes.
the recording is pretty clean, except a couple of very brief distorted moments from loud vocals in “oxford town” (even though that’s one of the quieter songs in the whole show) not the recording, or copy, or digitized files were over-recorded at all. it just sounds it in a couple of places, for just a split second, one about 3:07 and another about 4:10 into that one song.
overall, this performance and recording are quite enjoyable. yes, they really do play spaceboy twice. many of these 1995 Bowie/ NIN sets have an opening NIN set for awhile (before Bowie joins them) but apparently this one doesn’t, according to tree.

David Bowie: vocals, saxophone
Reeves Gabrels: lead guitar
Mike Garson: keyboards
Carlos Alomar: guitar
George Simms: backing vocals
Peter Schwartz: keyboards, synthesizers
Gail Ann Dorsey: bass, vocals
Zachary Alford: drums

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