David Bowie 1978-05-27 Marseilles ,Palais des Sports -I Wanted To Believe Me - SQ 8+

David Bowie 1978-05-27 Marseilles ,Palais des Sports -I Wanted To Believe Me –
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01 – Warszawa.flac
02 – “Heroes”.flac
03 – What In The World.flac
04 – Be My Wife.flac
05 – The Jean Genie.flac
06 – Blackout.flac
07 – Band Intro.flac
08 – Five Years.flac
09 – Soul Love.flac
10 – Star.flac
11 – Hang On To Yourself.flac
12 – Ziggy Stardust.flac
13 – Suffragette City.flac
14 – Fame.flac
15 – The Beauty & The Beast.flac
16 – Alabama Song.flac
17 – Station To Station.flac
18 – Stay.flac
19 – Breaking Glass.flac
20 – TVC 15.flac
21 – Rebell Rebel.flac

Label: No label
Audio Source: audience
Total running time: 0:00:00
Sound Quality : noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance: 7.500
Artwork: back side Covers Not Yet Available ? , who can help me with this .?

After Blackout the electricity failed and a French girl took a header around Bowie’s neck. Later he would say: “I didn’t know where she came from and I didn’t have time to ask her name,but anyway, there she was suddenly with her arms around my neck,a thigh between my knees and her tongue so far down my throat that I feared I must surely choke or suffocate before she came up forair”.
A forced interval of more than an hour followed, but when it was over,Bowie came on again and after a couple of French words to the audience,he in­ troduced the band. All this ,togethrer with the fact that presumable ,there was not enough time to play all the songs, made Bowie change the sequence.

Tour band 1978 – The Low and Heroes World Tour :
David Bowie – vocals, chamberlain
Adrian Belew – lead guitar, backing vocals
Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
George Murray – bass guitar, backing vocals
Dennis Davis – drums, percussion
Roger Powell – keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals (except 11–14 November 1978)
Dennis Garcia – keyboards, synthesizer (11–14 November 1978 only)
Sean Mayes – piano, string ensemble, backing vocals Simon House – electric violin

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