David Bowie 1972-11-25 Cleveland ,Public Auditorium - Cleveland Public Auditorium - SQ -8

David Bowie 1972-11-25 Cleveland ,Public Auditorium – Cleveland Public Auditorium
Sound Quality Rating

101. Ode To Joy.flac
102. Hang On to Yourself.flac
103. Ziggy Stardust.flac
104. Changes.flac
105. The Supermen.flac
106. Life On Mars.flac
107. Five Years.flac
108. Space Oddity.flac
109. Andy Warhol.flac
110. Drive In Saturday.flac
201 The Width Of A Circle.wav
202 John, I’m Only Dancing.wav
203 Moonage Daydream.wav
204 Band Introductions.wav
205 Waiting For The Man.wav
206 The Jean Genie.wav
207 Suffragette City.wav
208 Rock’n’Roll Suicide.wav
209 Outro Ode To Joy.wav

Label: No label
Audio Source: audience
Lineage: cassette
Total running time: 1:23:00
Sound Quality : noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance: 10.000 SOLD OUT
Artwork: Yes.

Prior to playing “Drive in Saturday,” David asks all of the tapers to leave as he is about to play an unreleased song
“I’d been asked to ask the people who have …. good evening everybody ….Then I should ask if people who were standing could sit down.I’d appreciate it and a lot of other people would. Thank you . I’m sure you will.”

uch is Bowie’s popularity now that the Cleveland Public Hall is used for these two concerts rather than the smaller capacity Music Hall, which was used for the first Cleveland concert. Both the Music Hall and Public Hall shared the same back-to-back stage. Both halls are still being used today.

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Robin Mayhew ,Will Palin ,Mick Hince ,Dean Heiser – Sound ,Ground Control ,Front of House Engineer ,Stage hands
Nigel Olliff, Nick Gilbey, Paul Normand and crew – Lights ,1972 Heavy Light ,1973 See Factor Industries NY Bob See ,Steve Hurston ,Mick Fussey
Peter Hunsley – Stage Equipment
Suzi Fussey – Wardrobe, Makeup and Hair


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