David-Bowie 1973-03-10 Long Beach ,Arena - The All American Bowie - SQ 7+

David-Bowie 1973-03-10 Long Beach ,Arena – The All American Bowie –
Sound Quality Rating

101. My Dead .flac
102. Alladin Sane.flac
103. Five Years.flac
104. The Width Of A Circle.flac
205. Ziggy Stardust.flac
206. Changes.flac
207. Panic In Detroit.flac
208. Time.flac
209. Suffragette City .flac

Label: Trade Mark Of Quality ‎– DB 542 (This release is on purple wax.)
Audio Source: audience
Total running time: 0:45:54
Sound Quality : Much noise ,dull ,but still good listened to
Attendance: 6.200
Artwork : Yes

After Suffragette City Bowie calls out “Thank you,goodnight!”.

On an abnormally cold Saturday evening of March 10 1973, Bowie ventured on stage as Ziggy Stardust and thrilled punters with an adventurous 16 song set list to almost 6,200 fans and curiosity seekers.
At the time Bowie was a genuine one a kind. In an age where most, if not all his contemporaries were denim clad prog rockers the American market was perhaps still not ready for something as diverse as Ziggy Stardust.
It didn’t stop Bowie playing to the larger venues, thanks mainly to shrewd management and marketing


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