David Bowie Vampires Of Human Flesh (Demos and Alternative versions for Scary Monsters) - SQ 9,5

David Bowie Vampires Of Human Flesh (Demos and Alternative versions for Scary Monsters)
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01. Scream Like A Baby.flac
02. Because You’re Young.flac
03. Kingdom Come.flac
04. Up The Hill Backwards.flac
05. It’s No Game.flac
06. Is There Life After Marriage?.flac
07. Up The Hill Backwards.flac
08. Teenage Wildlife.flac
09. Kingdom Come.flac
10. Scary Monsters.flac

Label : Midnight Beat – MB CD 021
Audio Source :
Lineage : Silver Disc
Total running time : 0:43:51
Sound Quality : Excellent quality! Equals record or radiown
Artwork : Yes

One of the most fascinating of all latter-day (as in post-1973) Bowie finds, “Vampires Of Human Flesh” serves up almost the entire “Scary Monsters” album in demo and alternative form; and, even if these prototype performances rarely deviate from the familiar, finished versions, still there is an abandon to both the playing and singing that paints a very different record to that which was eventually released. “Scream Like A Baby” is almost punkish in delivery, while “Because You’re Young” packs an entirely different arrangement, occasionally altered lyrics and a different title — “Because I’m Young.”

“It’s No Game” appears only in the slower vein that closed the official album, but is, if anything, even moodier than before. But the real find is “Is There Life After Marriage?”, an instrumental version of a song that has never been officially released in any form whatsoever. It’s difficult from this evidence to tell what Bowie might have ultimately made of it, but it dovetails perfectly with the rest of the Scary sessions.

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