David Bowie Low Sessions (Helden Records 2CD Edition DEN 082-083) - SQ 9,5 (FAKE)

David Bowie Low Sessions (Helden Records 2CD Edition DEN 082-083) – SQ 9,5 (FAKE)

Chateau d’Herouville Studios, Pontoise, France
Hansa Studios, Berlin
September – November, 1976

101 Speed Of Life (mono radio edit).flac
102 Breaking Glass (mono radio edit).flac
103 What In The World (mono radio edit).flac
104 Always Crashing In The Same Car (mono radio edit).flac

105 Be My Wife (rough mix).flac
106 Some Are (rough mix).flac
107 Warszawa (rough mix).flac
108 Art Decade (rough mix).flac
109 Weeping Wall (rough mix).flac
110 Subterraneans (rough mix).flac
111 All Saints (rough mix).flac
112 Sound And Vision (rough mix).flac

113 Sound And Vision (promo edit).flac
114 Sound And Vision (remix).flac
115 Sound And Vision (single edit).flac

201 A New Career In A New Town (out-take).flac
202 Warszawa (out-take).flac
203 Art Decade (take 1) (out-take).flac
204 Weeping Wall (out-take).flac
205 Subterraneans (out-take).flac
206 Some Are (take 2) (out-take).flac
207 Mysteries (out-take).flac
208 I Am Fish UK Hair (out-take).flac
209 South Horizon (out-take).flac
210 Pallas Athene (out-take).flac
211 The Wedding (out-take).flac
212 Looking For Someone (out-take).flac
213 All Saints (out-take).flac

A very nice 2 CD edition featuring radio edits, rough mixes, alternate mixes and out-takes on the Helden label.
A lot of the unknown material on CD2 is instrumental, and it is easy to hear why they were left off – they simply do not fit the mood created on side 2 and some of the tracks (“South Horizon”, “Some Are” etc) are very jazzy in feel and the rough mixes are a revelation.

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