David Bowie The Alternate Hunky Dory (Compilation Demos and BBC sessions) – SQ 9

David Bowie The Alternate Hunky Dory (Compilation Demos and BBC sessions)
Sound Quality Rating

01. Changes
(Demo Recording 3:33
02. Oh! You Pretty Things
(Demo Recording) 3:20
03. Eight Line Poem
(Demo Recording) 2:53
04. Life On Mars 3:54
(Regular Hunky Dory CD)
05. Kooks
(Demo Recording ) 3:26
06. Quicksand
(Demo Recording) 4:47
07. Fill Your Heart
(Demo Recording) 2:49
08. Andy Warhol
(Demo Recording) 3:16
09. Song For Bob Dylan
(Alternate Mix) 4:15
10. Queen Bitch
(Alternate Take) 3:00
11. The Bewlay Brothers
(Alternate Mix ,Ryko bonus-tracks 5:24
12. Quicksand
(Alternate Mix ,Ryko bonus-tracks) 5:08
13. Right On Mother
(Demo) 2:13
14. Tired Of My Life
(Demo) 3:12
15. Lady Stardust
(Alternate Demo) 3:20

Label : Broken Records
Audio Source : Demos and BBC sessions
Lineage : Unknown
Total running time : 0:00:00
Sound Quality : very good. Equals record or radio apart from a slight noise and some dullness.
Artwork : Yes

The whole of the Hunky Dory album as alternative versions and outtakes. Not sure at all where each track is taken from but perhaps some clever so and so could enlighten us.
To the best of my knowledge:
Life On Mars is from the Hunky Dory CD, Quicksand and Bewlay Brothers are Ryko bonus-tracks, and the rest should be from BBC sessions (or they are real demos?).’


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