David Bowie 1977-1983 Japanese Interviews - My Radio Sweetheart 2 - SQ -8

David Bowie 1977-1983 Japanese Interviews – My Radio Sweetheart 2 – SQ -8

1. April 1977 (with Iggy)
2. December 1978
3. December 1978
4. December 1980
5. New York, December 1981
6. Crystal Japan advert
7. Boston 1983
8. New York 1983
Bonus Track
9. Northern Light, (Tyne Tees?) TV, June 1978

Total running time: 79:17

Source: mostly nicmac, two from Noggin. Whichever source, these were hissfests, so I took the nuclear option and blitzed with Goldwave as they’re interviews, rather than concert recordings.
I think they’re mostly from FM (possibly AM) but there are definitely one or two from TV as well. Some are clips from interviews discussed and expanded upon by the DJs, some are straight interviews.
There’s a lot of Japanese in there though. The nicmac tracks have cleared up reasonably well (8½/10) the Noggin tracks are still pretty rumbly (7½). There was room on the disc, so the final track is from UK TV, but pretty difficult to find.

(Tracks 2&9):
Running fast, speed corrected @ 104%
(Other tracks):
Running fast, speed correction with a factor of 94%.
Tape flip during the Boston 83 section @ 11:22 – probably a teeny bit missing – simply joined.
New York 83 had a virtually non-existent right channel. Left channel copied with 0.002 second offset.
(All tracks):
All given a final clean with Goldwave Noise Reduction tool on Hiss Removal default setting.
Sector boundary errors tidied with TLH.

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